Commencement Of Site Process For Casinos

Bermuda Casino Gaming Commission

Commencement Of Site Process For Casinos

Richard Schuetz, Executive Director of the Bermuda Casino Gaming Commission, announced the commencement of the Designated Site Process towards the introduction of Integrated Resort Casinos onto the Island.

“All owners of a parcel of land that desire to accommodate an Integrated Resort Casino, or existing tourist resorts that wish to be considered to be allowed to add a casino facility will need to have the owners of the subject land apply to be a Designated Site,” the Commission said.

“The Application Form and Guidance Notes to the Application can be picked up at the Commission offices, or requested to be mailed by calling the Commission offices at [441] 400-2100.

“The Minister of Tourism and Development is authorized to grant a designated site order pursuant to the Casino Gaming Act of 2014 and the Casino Gaming [Designated Sites] Regulations 2016. Those documents can be found by going to the Bermuda Laws Online website, or can be collected from the Commission office.”

Alan Dunch, Chairman of the Commission, said, “We are pleased to begin this process of introducing Integrated Resort Casinos onto Bermuda to secure the public policy directives of the Gaming Act, which is to secure enhanced employment for Bermudians and increased investment onto the Island.

“We believe that a well-regulated commercial gaming experience will increase the tourism appeal of Bermuda, providing the Island with a common and expected amenity by the global tourist market.”

The Bermuda Casino Gaming Commission is comprised by Chairman Dunch, Deputy Chairman Garry Madeiros, and members Judith Hall-Bean, Dennis Tucker, and Derek Ramm.