Is the UK losing trust in the gambling industry?

Is the UK losing trust in the gambling industry?

Friday, February 26, 2016 Totally Gaming
Senet Group's Ron Finlay said that new social media rules will soon be issued

The UK public’s trust in the gambling industry appears to be deteriorating, with new figures also showing a major decrease in participation.

A new study released by the Gambling Commission shows that just 39 per cent of those questioned believe that the sector is ‘fair/can be trusted’, with that figure dropping to just 27 per cent among those who did not gamble over the course of the last 12 months. The most recent figures show a decline in confidence compared to those collected in 2008, when 49 and 39 per cent respectively said they thought the industry was trustworthy.

The report also shows that gambling participation fell from 57 per cent of the adult population to about 45 per cent over the course of 2015, with the decrease attributed to the National Lottery now attracting 32 per cent of people, as opposed to 46 per cent during the previous year.

The results came as a study by think tank Demos and the Responsible Gambling Trust charity highlighted the prevalence of gambling marketing on social media. 

The Demos report uncovered that there were 900,000 Twitter users in Britain that are following at least one, if not more, promotional accounts. It also uncovered that on the social media network Twitter alone, there were 877 accounts that endorse gambling. Research also highlighted that any Twitter user that was watching the three highest gambling accounts would get a promotional message approximately every 240 seconds, or four minutes.

Responding to the report, Senet Group chief executive Ron Finlay told that the responsible gambling group was in the process of issuing new enforceable commitments related to social media.

He said: “The study is useful in highlighting how gambling is changing, and we agree that regulators need to be aware of this and respond accordingly.”


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