Is social benefit enough for responsible gambling?

Is social benefit enough for responsible gambling?

Thursday, September 10, 2015 Totally Gaming
Jon Kelly offered his insight at WrB 2015

Jon Kelly, chief executive of the Responsible Gambling Council in Canada, has insisted that social benefit alone is not enough for responsible gambling and that companies and operators need to do more in order to promote the safeguards such programmes can offer.

Speaking in a session at WrB 2015, Kelly said that although responsible gambling programmes can offer plenty of positives to consumers and companies, it is the responsibility of the company to showcase not just how the programmes can help customers, but also the business as a whole.

“Social benefit is not enough,” Kelly said. “Value is mostly focused on the social benefits, and I think the benefits to the business have not been looked at enough.

“People interested in promoting responsible gambling programmes and their safeguards need to do a better job of selling these safeguards as being good for business. These include employee loyalty, customer sustainability, finances, risk mitigation, competitive advantage and lighter touch regulation.”

Kelly also spoke about the importance of getting the message of responsible gambling across to customers, explaining that by better articulating your goals and creating stronger evidence, more consumers are likely to take notice.

“The biggest difficulty we have with prevention programmes is getting people the right message, as many of them are not interested,” Kelly said. “Many don’t believe they have a problem, so why would they want to talk about it?

“Integrating responsible gaming in marketing and security, as well as throughout the business, is likely what is going to make it successful. We can assess people’s behaviour on what they do, rather than what they said they did. Progress needs to be in the hands of the industry.”

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