RLMS introduce revenue share option for Bulldog portfolio

RLMS introduce revenue share option for Bulldog portfolio

Tuesday, May 22, 2018 Posted by Luke Massey
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The brand’s distributors have introduced a unique share agreement

The Bulldog Games brand of pushers and redemption equipment is being made available to operators on a unique revenue share agreement.

RLMS Sales, the exclusive distributors for the range, has introduced an option that will enable operators to share in the cash box through to the completion of the October half term holidays when they will then be given an option to buy.

Tony Glanville, Managing Director of RLMS Sales, believes the array of purchasing options makes Bulldog a brand that’s accessible to every location and every business type.

He explained: “We continue to work very closely with seaside operators and to understand the market dynamics and the contributions that we can make to help maximise profits.

"Clearly, the most important component part is the development of outstanding product and I’m delighted at the response that we’ve experienced both at EAG when we launched the brand and in the subsequent order book.

"The second area we have focussed on is making the range available to the widest audience possible. The revenue share option is a sign of the confidence that we have in Bulldog. After operators have sited our products for the season we believe that having experienced the products on site that they will exercise the option to purchase.

“Whatever the outcome they will be able to add the energy and dynamism of the industry’s newest pusher brand to their operation without having to make any capital expenditure. Operators can take advantage of a two year rental agreement with an option to purchase, an HP arrangement which is available over a two year term and a straightforward purchase. The key objective is to make Bulldog a brand to be enjoyed by everyone."

Totally Gaming says: Summer is generally a tough time for selling amusement and gaming machines, so fair play to Bulldog and RLMS for introducing an initiative that gives operators access to solid products and the chance to earn from them over a crucial trading period. It’s also an opportunity for them to learn if the cashbox potential can be fully realised and whether or not the games live up to expectations.


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