How retail can aid omni-channel strategies

How retail can aid omni-channel strategies

Friday, October 16, 2015 Totally Gaming
Pegasus' Lydia Barbara is a speaker at EiG 2015

Lydia Barbara, head of Microgaming’s consulting division Pegasus Gaming Solutions, is delivering a presentation titled ‘Learning from retail omni-channel strategies’ at EiG 2015. Here, she tells more about Pegasus and some of the key points on omni-channel strategies that she will be raising in Berlin… What is ‘omni-channel’?

Lydia Barbara: There are multiple definitions for ‘omni-channel’. From my perspective, omni-channel is a new approach to customer management, one that starts from the player perspective and works seamlessly across all available channels. It is sometimes described as the most customer-centric approach to marketing and customer management. An omni-channel strategy is one that works to make the customer’s gaming experience the same (or as similar as possible) across land-based, PC and mobile.

Put into the context of gaming, releasing new games across mobile and PC simultaneously would be a part of an operator’s omni-channel strategy, allowing customers to deposit and withdraw funds for gaming from kiosks or online.  

Omni-channel is such a new and all-encompassing concept that we’re really just starting to scratch the surface of its potential. A good omni-channel strategy is all about managing players in a world where everything is converging. Online and land-based coming together, HTML5 starting to dominate browser-based gaming, second-screening, et cetera – a good omni-channel strategy works to solve all these problems. What would be one key piece of advice in developing an omni-channel strategy?

Lydia Barbara: Approach everything from the customer’s perspective. This strategy isn’t mobile-first; it’s customer-first. Today’s consumers expect their experience with your brand to be consistent regardless of the access point. Could you tell us more about Pegasus and what role it can play in aiding omni-channel progress?

Lydia Barbara: Pegasus Gaming Solutions is Microgaming’s consulting division. It is a collective of industry experts whose sole job is to work with operators to increase their net revenue across all of their channels. We work hand-in-hand with land-based companies moving online, online companies expanding to new markets, established companies modernising for success with millennials, and so on. 

Omni-channel strategies are working well for the gaming operators adopting the approach, and we want our customers to do well, so omni-channel naturally plays an important part in what we do with our customers. What are you looking forward to discussing at EiG this year?

Lydia Barbara: I’m excited to be presenting on day two of the show. With reference to my presentation, I think there’s just so much we can learn from retail companies and how they are interacting with consumers through new touch points. So I will be exploring a couple of cases of successful omni-channel retail strategies to see what our industry can learn from them. 


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