Digital revolution: Casino King rises to the top

Digital revolution: Casino King rises to the top

Monday, June 5, 2017 Posted by James Walker
Jonathan Powell: ‘The march of digital Cat C is unstoppable’

Since its launch in January 2017, G-Squared Games’ digital Category C gaming platform, Casino King, has enjoyed “exceptional performance” across a large and varied estate.

Established in 2012, G-Squared Games is the manufacturing arm of Select Gaming, an independent UK-based gaming supply company with a history stretching back more than 26 years.

According to Jonathan Powell, business development director for Select Gaming, the company’s R&D department started working on the Casino King Category C compendium in March 2016.

“Coming from an operating background, Casino King has been designed from scratch with operators in mind,” Powell told “The dashboard, security features and intuitive test routines are testament to our dedication to create the most operator friendly machine on the market.”

“The march of digital Cat C is unstoppable,” Powell added. “Casino King has proved a sound commercial model for operators, particularly those previously concerned about the lack of choice in the marketplace.”

The UK’s leading pub retailing business, Marstons, has been quick to seize the opportunity presented by Casino King. Operations and machines manager John Walker said: “We’ve committed to a substantial roll-out of Casino King across our estate.

“Our players have responded very favourably to the innovative game content and its cashbox performance has so far been exceptional.”

Walker added: “Casino King’s online connectivity ensures that we have real-time access to detailed performance information, and we’re working closely with the Select Gaming team to ensure that revenues are optimised for each and every site.”

Powell said that, with a strong game portfolio and exciting new game releases such as Moo York at the Movies and Mushrooms vs. Monsters, Casino King is set to deliver further outstanding results well into the future.

“We’re delighted to report that Casino King is indexing above all comparable digital Cat C compendium product across a wide range of sites, including those in independent ownership and the estates of multiple retailers,” he stated.

“The demand from our customers is such that we’ve secured private funding for an additional 1,000 machines to ensure that none miss out on the opportunity for incremental income.”

Totally Gaming says: According to Powell, operators have reported a 25% increase in net balance when replacing their existing digital Cat C offering with Casino King. The product’s success is not only limited to the pub sector, however, with G-Squared Games also reporting successful tests in the adult gaming centre (AGC) market. “Our June software release features three titles designed specifically for AGCs, which we hope will bolster our offer and make Casino King the top performer in the arcade sector as well as in the pubs,” he said.


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