Why Bet on Brazil are betting on Big Data

Why Bet on Brazil are betting on Big Data

Tuesday, March 28, 2017 Posted by Sam Cooke

How well do most bookmakers know their customers? It is increasingly vital for bookmakers to use big data as it is in other industry, and Bet on Brazil (an Argyll Entertainment brand) is now more focused on it thanks to a partnership with Hello Soda’s big data and analytics solution PROFILE.

The idea behind the deal with the multilingual analytics software is that it ‘enables Bet On Brazil to leverage the power of big data by harnessing its customers’ online footprints’.

The basic premise is that the more Bet on Brazil knows about its customers the better it can serve them. This should help to reduce the likelihood of fraud, ensure better customer retention, and create more personalised offers and a more tailored experience.

The money making angle aside one facet of harnessing big data is that it should be able to help in the battle against problem gambling. Speaking exclusively to Totally Gaming, Dan Marks - CFO at Argyll Entertainment, said on this: “This is a very topical question and one area that we are intently committed to addressing. Big data will be absolutely key to this and will enable us to make educated guesses about where problematic gambling is likely to arise based on patterns that have emerged through research into those who have sought help for their behavior. Based on that data we can then make much more informed decisions as to what kind of activities we should do or stop doing – like marketing or advertising.”

Another cross-industry right now is personalised experiences and tailored offers. When it comes to betting this means that if you know what a customer likes to bet on then you can offer them promos based on that, rather than say emailing somebody who only bets on football a promo offer for Cheltenham festival. Whilst this makes sense on paper does it not run the risk of limiting the potential of a punter trying out a new market?

Marks responded: “We believe the key to success in the highly competitive UK market is understanding our customers better than our competitors and providing them with the products and services that they demand in a timely and engaging manner.

“Customers in this market will always shop around but we believe that personalizing the experience by providing our customers with appropriate and value-adding content, together with exciting yet tailored promotions, will ensure we build up customer loyalty over time.”

Finally and on the topic of big data making brand loyalty in bookmaking more attainable, Marks stated: “This is a highly innovative and dynamic market so brand loyalty will always be a challenge. This is why understanding our customers is at the core of the Bet On Brazil brand and why we believe personalisation is key to building customer satisfaction and ultimately brand loyalty.”

Totally Gaming says: By taking advantage of big data and text analytics, Bet On Brazil has shown that its committed to building a better relationship with its current customers which should help attract new ones.


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