TG Talk - If you had a one-on-one with a regulator what would you ask them?

TG Talk - If you had a one-on-one with a regulator what would you ask them?

Wednesday, September 7, 2016 Posted by Andy McCarron
What question would you ask a regulator if you had the chance?

With regulation being such an important part of the business, yet many of the people who make an enforce the laws not very visible, asked industry members what they would ask regulators if they had the chance.

Lennart Gillberg, Founder at "I would ask why is there such a fear around innovation and whether a regulator ever takes the need for innovation and evolution into account when dealing with the industry? Is innovation feared because it is an unknown quantity and as such out of realms of perceived control? Do regulators ever consider leaving some room in regulations for healthy innovation, or is it all about control?

“Of course it also depends on which regulator. If it was a regulator in a market with a state-owned monopoly I would be interested to know where exactly their priorities lie. Is it more about protecting the tax income and keeping out ant competition or is it about protecting people from unhealthy gaming?”

Nick Hill, ‎Sales & Marketing Director at EveryMatrix: “Undoubtedly for a company as EveryMatrix, it is important to have a discussion with the regulators concerning the licensing regime in question, which include a more detailed discussion on the operational and technical requirements. Where possible, EveryMatrix seek to be licensed in its own right for the purpose of being a white label provider to existing and new operators. Hence, we want to discuss with regulators the possibilities and limitations of such setups, whereby we assure compliance with all legal requirements. Conversely, the operator concentrates on assuring a successful business is developed including all marketing related aspects within the limitations of the licence of course.

“Further, EveryMatrix is certified in Denmark with its ISO27001 and we also assure the certification programme for ourselves and our white label partners are met, but equally we ensure partners holding their own licence in Denmark are meeting their certification programme, as we are the software provider to them. Subsequently, we would ask regulators to which extent they would accept the level of compliance we already meet?

“It is worth noting that as new regulations for remote gaming are developed, the regulators attempt to copy one another in the areas which are important to that particular national framework. Therefore it can be found that the regimes are very similar and that they accept the existing level of compliance or merely lesser testing is required.

“We see for instance, the Danish version of the change management programme can be vastly used in other jurisdictions as Portugal and also now in the United Kingdom from September this year. All such compliance related areas are of vital importance regardless of where the operator is licensed.”

Stuart Tilly, CEO at Argyll Entertainment: “To the likes of Isle of Man, Alderney, Malta, etc: In an ever increasing move to point of consumption licensing, do you still feel there is a role for the offshore licensing model?

“Any Regulator: Other than your own licensing regime, which licensing regime do you most admire and why? (A counter to that question could be who do they least respect and why, but I’m pretty sure there are not many regulators that would answer that!)”

Suzanne Davis, partner at Clifton Davies: "For the benefit of all industry stakeholders, what can effectively be done to ensure that two-way dialogue between regulator and operator is opened up more, to ensure that the regulator's team has a better understanding of the industry and the ways in which it works?"


If you had a one-on-one with a regulator what would you ask them?

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