SoftSwiss adds max bet bonus protection to online platform

SoftSwiss adds max bet bonus protection to online platform

Thursday, April 13, 2017 Posted by James Walker

SoftSwiss has implemented a new max bet bonus protection feature, which allows players with active bonuses to set limits on their maximum bets.

“In most casinos, if you look at their bonus conditions you can read that players are not supposed to go over a certain bet amount within one bonus wagering round, such as when they have an active bonus on their balances,” the company explained.

“However, not everyone reads these conditions carefully and takes note of the amount not to be exceeded. What could happen next is that the player makes a higher bet, thus breaching the bonus terms – which means that the casino now reserves the right to confiscate both the bonus and winnings attributed to it.

“This is, of course, pure stress and frustration. Players are left with the feeling of being not treated faithfully by the casino.”

With SoftSwiss’ new max bet bonus protection feature, when a player enters a game and tried to exceed a maximum bet amount, the game automatically displays a message notifying them that they have reached their play limit and stopping them from mistakenly making higher bets.

“Like many other features which have been added to SoftSwiss platform, max bet bonus protection originated from our clients’ – the casino operators’ – needs,” SoftSwiss CEO Ivan Montik told

“All casinos have their bonus terms, where they state the maximum bet a player is allowed to make while wagering their bonus. Players are supposed to read through the terms and follow the rules, but in real life how many of them really do that? As experience shows, very few do. And how many players are happy to have their bonus and winnings confiscated after unintentionally breaking the rules? None.”

Montik added: “There was much frustration caused by the situation when a player accidentally hit the max bet button, exceeded the bonus bet limit and broke casino rules. It very often led to an argument between the casino and the player, and for the casino the outcome was in any case negative.”

As crucial as the feature may seem, max bet bonus protection is not common on the market. “Besides SoftSwiss, we know of just a few providers who integrated the max bet protection into their software,” the company stated. “With this said, the functionality delivered by SoftSwiss boasts high-quality technical implementation and is really easy to tune on the admin side.”

Montik added: “While marketing and client acquisition are extremely important at the early stages, player retention starts playing a crucial role when the casino is up and running. So it’s all about keeping your players happy and satisfied throughout the play.

“Small things like misunderstanding of bonus terms may lead to dissatisfaction, spoil the whole gaming experience, and make players leave the casino in search of a better website. That’s why operators welcome any platform functionality which helps them work on client retention.

“Positive feedback came immediately as max bet protection seemed to be a long-awaited functionality. After the feature was launched, many operators created online tutorials explaining how the feature works and what it brings. Now, when players get automatic notifications in case the bonus limits are exceeded, they get a clear understanding of what it happening in their game and this transparency brings the sense of confidence and fair play.”

Totally Gaming says: SoftSwiss’ max bet bonus protection was created to avoid potential disputes between online casinos and their valued players – and the solution is a win-win for both parties. Following the implementation of the feature, operators are now protected from fraud attempts that arise when a player might try to break the bonus rules, while faithful players are protected from their own lack of attention or understanding of the casino’s rules.


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