Senet Group launches major campaign to coincide with Responsible Gambling Week

Senet Group launches major campaign to coincide with Responsible Gambling Week

Tuesday, October 17, 2017 Posted by Michael Lawson
Responsible Gambling Week runs from 12-18 October

The Senet Group, the leading responsibility body for gambling in the UK, has launched its Quarter Four awareness campaign in tandem with the ongoing National Responsible Gambling Week (RGW).

During RGW, Senet has place stand-alone responsible gambling advertising in a number of live football matches, and 2000 more adverts across channels and programmes where they believe a significant percentage of viewers are likely to gamble online.

They have set a target for these messages to be viewed 30 million times on TV within the next three months.

George Kidd, Chief Executive Officer of the Senet Group, told “We’re pleased to be a part of Responsible Gambling Week as we launch the next phase of our awareness campaign.

“We know these messages on setting limits, only betting what you can afford and taking breaks work, and surveys suggest millions have changed their behaviour as a result or have intervened with a friend or family member.

“But, in the same way “a dog is not just for Christmas”, the responsibility agenda has to be wired into what happens all the time; not just from 12-18 October.”

The campaign is making use of social media channels like ODDSbible and digital marketing agencies that can target messages precisely to younger regular gamblers.

Wanda Goldwag, Chair and Independent Standards Commissioner of Senet, said: “We know our messaging works, with more than 80% of players recognising our messages to set limits, only gamble what’s affordable and not to put play ahead of family and friends.

“Surveys tell us millions may have changed their gambling habits as a result or taken the campaign as a prompt to raise a gambling concern with family or friends.”

Totally Gaming says: It’s clear that the work being carried out by the Senet Group has the best interests of gamblers at heart. Rather than calling for knee-jerk bans and vilifying the whole industry, Senet has instead looked at ways to reduce the harmful effects of problem gambling. This can only be a good thing for the industry as a whole, and their work is a welcome addition to National Responsible Gambling Week.


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