Scout Gaming hoping World Cup aids Asian expansion plans

Scout Gaming hoping World Cup aids Asian expansion plans

Friday, June 8, 2018 Posted by Craig Davies
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Follows an agreement with Bravio Technologies

Scout Gaming is aiming to utilise the upcoming FIFA World Cup, set to be held in Russia, to target strategic growth and expansion within the Pan-Asian region.

Working alongside Bravio Technologies, the overall aim of the agreement is to see a roll out of Scout’s full daily fantasy sports (DFS) platform and pooled betting games, which is to be achieved via a series of steps to gauge reach and engagement.

A free-2-play game is to launch first, in time for the footballing showpiece which gets underway on Thursday June 14, before a monetised version is released.

Following the World Cup a simplified version of the DFS game is planned to be made available, before a full roll-out is slated to hit the market in time for the 2018/19 Premier League season, should it prove successful.

Joakim Renman, commercial director at Scout Gaming, has been explaining to why the Pan-Asian region has been targeted, and what opportunities it holds: “The population in Asia is massive. Pooled betting games, including DFS, are similar to community driven e-sport games such (WoW, CS, DOTA etc) in that the excitement they offer is closely tied to the size of the player base.

“More players mean larger prize pools, which in turn leads to even more players. The skill-based nature of our games combined with a large potential audience makes Asia particularly interesting for us. It’s a way for our partners to reach new audiences and increase their profit margins.

“For many companies the Asian market has been somewhat tough to penetrate due to its size and complexity. Localisation has proved particularly difficult.

“We are able to localise our product according to the requirements of our partners – and this is getting some very positive feedback from Asian market operators.”

Before adding: “This deal will give us quick access to the Pan-Asian markets, allowing us to build up knowledge about the target audience as we develop our product portfolio. Already before this deal we had started developing a very unique sports jackpot game specifically designed for the Asian market.

“The sports jackpot game received amazing feedback during G2E Macau. We believe this and future deals will help us improve and expand our Asian offering, and become the leader in the provision of sports games in Asia.”

Bravio Technologies, who have joint ownership of Mobimedia International, is stated to have a global reach of one billion subscribers, via various contracts with telecommunications companies.

Renman went on to explain how this relationship would aid Scout’s expansion strategies: “Bravio’s subsidiary Mobimedia works on partnerships with Telco companies in the Pan-Asian region, in countries such as India, Myanmar, Indonesia and Taiwan they distribute mobile entertainment services directly to the telco’s end-users.

“The services are typically subject to subscription fees that are charged directly on the user’s phone bill. The interesting opportunity lies in the Telco’s wide reach, their ability to directly target it’s users and execute direct billing – removing barriers related to payment processing.

“Since this is a unique and new distribution channel, we have to be sensible to see what works and what doesn’t. As such we will engage in phased roll out, starting with Free2Play games (to test reach and engagement), later adding monetised games during the World Cup and throughout this fall. The plan is to roll out fully fledged monetised daily fantasy games during the fall and have it become available across multiple countries during 2019 and onwards.”

Totally Gaming says: The Asian market seems like a natural region of expansion as firms attempt global growth, with such an enormous reach across such a vast area a very real possibility. It is common knowledge that there is also a great thirst for all kinds of sports based products amongst consumers, and it is this demand that Scout Gaming are aiming to tap into via the release of its DFS product.


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