Playkey CEO and co-founder Egor Gurjev breaks down the benefits of a decentralised ecosystem

Playkey CEO and co-founder Egor Gurjev breaks down the benefits of a decentralised ecosystem

Monday, November 20, 2017 Posted by Joseph Streeter
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Playkey’s ongoing PKT token sale raised $5.2 million to help with the creation of a decentralised ecosystem

Cloud gaming platform Playkey announced it has raised an initial $5.2 million to create a decentralised ecosystem that allows anyone to play unlimited games, something it says claims miners, gamers and developers will all benefit from.

The $5.2 million was raised from more than 1300 participants within the first days of Playkey’s ongoing PKT token sale. PKT will become the exclusive cryptocurrency on the Playkey platform.

Playkey is aiming to drastically alter the future of gaming, enabling owners of powerful PCs to contribute their GPU power and act as cloud service providers, thus eliminating the need for gamers to invest in expensive hardware, downloads, or installations.

Furthermore, miners will have the opportunity to optimize their computational potential, with two to three times more efficiency and less risk than cryptocurrency mining. Plus, gamers can select the best server in the cloud to play their favorite, often demanding, games, and pay for the service in PKT tokens, which will be used for transactions between miners and gamers, as well as for purchasing gaming software.

In a conversation with, Playkey CEO and co-founder Egor Gurjev underlined that ‘this an absolutely new word in a cloud gaming market.’

Explaining how the decentralized ecosystem will benefit miners, gamers and developers, Gurjev stated: “Miners will get the opportunity to deploy their hardware in a way that is more efficient, more stable, and less risky than cryptocurrency mining.

“Whereas gamers will play the best AAA-games wherever they want using any hardware: old PC, MAC, Smart TV, etc. They will also not have to download any game client, and they will be able to utilise a high class of service, low ping and perfect image quality due to the wide range of p2p-servers, with Lower expenses comparing to buying a personal PC: top PC costs $3000 while this is equal to 3 years subscription of Playkey. Furthermore, it will also allow developer to expand their client base.”

Gurjev then went onto emphasise just how importanont it is that the decentralized ecosystem, which allows anyone to play is created, highlighting the process that saw Playkey build the solution, he commented: “Every year the game industry requires more powerful hardware which, due to the high prices, is not available for all gamers. Monthly Steam research proves that top new products often require hardware specs higher than what most can afford to have. The interest decline towards constant hardware updates seems like a new trend. It is not surprising as if someone wants to play a game in its maximum settings, he or she will need to update their video card — it will cost additional $300–500 per year for a new model.

“So what is the solution? It is Cloud Gaming services aka games that work through streaming services. Gamers could finally play up to date games using almost any existing hardware. With cloud gaming, gamers don’t need to save money for new processor or video card. They can play via internet.”

He continued: “For a long time Playkey was using expensive GPU servers. Now we realized how to do it differently. The Playkey platform team decided to create an absolute new client using the general decentralised system. By using it, the owner of upgraded gaming PC (for instance, GTX 1080 or analogue AMD) would be able to rent it to someone.

“Other gamers would have an access to it for a low budget cost. This technology will give users an opportunity to create more cloud services which will decrease the cost of that service. Eventually, the number of users willing to use it will grow as well. And the blockchain technology and cryptocurrency is a sort of glue that makes the ecosystem alive and relevant for gamers and miners all over the world.”

Expanding on the benefits of a decentralised gaming platform, Gurjev added: “miners will be able to set their own rental terms, while players will choose the hardware that suits them best. Due to the stability and predictability in such mining, it’s possible to earn at least two to three times as much as from mining cryptocurrencies. This is exactly the kind of ecosystem that Playkey is now developing.”


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