Personalisation for all at EiG

Personalisation for all at EiG

Tuesday, October 25, 2016 Posted by Totally Gaming
Big data is a big talking point in Berlin

Appropriately enough, the subject of the utilisation of big data and how it can aid companies in achieving genuine personalisation for consumers provided a big talking point during the recent EiG Conference that took place last week in Berlin.

Speaking on the second day of the conference, Golan Shaked, chief marketing officer from the music streaming service Deezer, said that personalisation was central to how his company sold its proposition to the customer in what is already a very crowded space.

“We have playlists for everything,” he told the audience. “If you are cooking dinner, we have a playlist for that. If you are running, if you broke up with your partner, if you’re having sex. We have to optimise the searches, so that we have a playlist for every given situation”

He added that consumers also wanted their music to be curated. “People like experts’ advice,” he said. “They like the feedback, to reinforce their own opinions. So we employ over 40 music editors; creating a relationship between the listener and the music editor, so that if they choose they can take the recommendation of the editor. But we don’t try to spoon-feed them.”

Speaking after the presentation, Lee Richardson, head of international development director at iSport Genius, which provides a consumer-facing sports-data product to betting operators, pointed out the questions Deezer is attempting to answer were similar in the world of sports-betting. “We know punters like to have their opinions, but they are also alive the idea of picking up tips and information that might inform their bet,” he told

“We’re attempting something similar in bringing the right information, to the right person at the right time,” he added. “The data nugget about a game can be all the punter needs to encourage them to add another bet. But it has to be relevant, it has to be interesting and it has to feel natural.”

There is a growing awareness of what big data can add to personalisation in the gambling industry but there is still a long road to travel before the industry will be fully sure of its ground. One service on display at EiG was Tel Aviv-based Beehive and its founder and chief executive Adi Dagan pointed out to that many companies are looking at big data solutions without truly understanding what outcomes they are looking for.

“It’s not about having a big data solution in place – it’s about what your organisation expects to benefit from it,” he said. “Done properly, the utilisation of big data should be the single biggest factor behind growth in the gambling sector for the foreseeable future. If you look at the industry today competition is so intense that marketing costs are soaring but there are still inefficiencies in the way marketing budgets are spent.”

The aim of personalisation – whether in terms of marketing or with personalised product offerings - is to boost player conversion and lifetime values. Shaked said that Deezer was the challenger brand in the music streaming space and that its answer to the ubiquity of playlists was to build algorithms that can help the company “know everything we can about you”. Shaked added: “That is the challenge of a music streaming service today – how do you create CRM without really communicating with the customers? We do it through a one-click ‘flow’ button. One feature.”

In betting terms, this non-CRM communication is similarly possible through the various interactions a customer has with the operator on potentially a daily basis. In sports this is obvious, according to Richardson. “The skill is in understanding what you can do with the sports data and statistics to hand,” he said. “We add filters and layers much like the marketers. This is what we use to process the data into fun facts or data nuggets. But we also have something like the flow button. It’s a predictor product that can come up with a suggested bet depending on the parameters set by the consumer.”

On the marketing side, Dagan from Beehive suggested the company’s tools are engineered with the gambling industry in mind. “We’ve built an engine that is tailored specifically to the gaming industry, so marketing teams can analyse and segment by relevant metrics, like stake size or preferred vertical,” he said. “The idea is to give our customers a tool they can very easily use – and increase KPIs from day one.”

Totally Gaming says: The utilisation of big data is becoming one of the major differentiating factors in online gambling, whether it is in terms of the marketing or through the provision of personalisation add-ons. Music streaming is showing how a product that is tailored to the consumers’ immediate needs and wants can deliver huge customer loyalty.


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