Live dealer – the perfect way to attract VIPs

Live dealer – the perfect way to attract VIPs

Thursday, July 27, 2017 Posted by James Walker
Authentic live dealer is a powerful acquisition tool for high-value players

Jonas Delin, managing director at Authentic Gaming, says live dealer streamed from the floors of real-world casinos is a powerful tool when it comes to acquiring high-value players, as well as land-based players migrating online.

“Operators have been offering live casino for several years now, but in recent months they have really turned up the dial to capitalise on the vertical’s continued growth. This is being driven by a steep rise in the number of players seeking out a more authentic and engaging experience, which live dealer can provide.

This shift in player preferences, and the rise of the ‘live-only’ player demographic, means operators must bolster their game portfolios with live dealer products in order to remain on top of ever-changing player demands. We also expect more dedicated live dealer sites to enter the market and quickly build a large and lucrative customer base.

But what sort of players are attracted to live dealer? Due to the nascent state of the sector, it has been difficult to accurately assess just who is drawn to the vertical, and to what extent they like to play. But with ongoing dialogue with both our online and land-based partners vis a vis an in-depth analysis of our own user data, a clear picture is starting to emerge.

Before looking more closely at player demographics, it is important to understand the two different types of live dealer products on the market: games streamed from dedicated studios and those broadcast live from the floors of real casinos located all over the world.

While on paper they offer a similar experience to players, they are worlds apart. Studio-based games certainly have their advantages – such as direct engagement with the player – but authentic roulette games shift things up a gear and port players to the heart of the action.

They remove the sometimes-isolated experience of playing one-on-one with a dealer in a studio, and ramp up socialisation by allowing players to interact with real players sat around a real table in a real casino.

The experience is not just realistic – it’s real. The table is real, the cards and the chips are real, the croupier shuffling the deck is real and, most importantly, the other players are real. It brings the online experience to life in ways that studio-based games simply cannot.

As you would expect, the different experience offered by authentic roulette means it attracts a different demographic of player. After ongoing and continuous data crunching, we have discovered that the format is highly appealing to the average studio-based player, but to a greater extent high value and VIP players.

We believe this has a lot to do with the locations from which the games are streamed. Here at Authentic Gaming we work with some of the most luxurious and prestigious land-based operators from around the world, including Casinos Austria International. It further strengthens the credibility a player gives an online brand when said brand can align itself to a world-class casino property.

Some of the players have played in the casinos where we stream from, while others like to replicate the high-roller experience they have become accustomed to when playing online. And while studio-based games still offer high-stakes games, they simply can’t mirror the trustability of games that are live from actual casino floors.

For our network of online operators, authentic roulette provides them with a huge opportunity to specifically target and effectively engage high-value and VIP players. Our data show these players to be very sticky with above average retention rates.

Authentic roulette is a gateway between the land-based and online gaming worlds, helping players from the former transition to the latter. This is particularly true in new and emerging markets, where players often lack trust in online games, particularly those powered by a random number generator.

Games streamed from the floors of real-word casinos helps them overcome these issues. They feel reassured by the highly-trained dealer while the other players sat around the table monitor the integrity of the game.

There is also an added element of trust when the player can visit the location of where the game is actually being dealt from. Once this trust has been built, operators can then gently push them towards other games in their portfolios.

Authentic live dealer is an incredibly powerful acquisition tool for high-value players. Not only that, it also ensures they keep playing time and time again. It’s the perfect combination, and one operators need to be taking advantage of.”

Totally Gaming says: Live dealer platforms are a highly effective way of attracting – and retaining – high-value players. And while products such as live roulette are helping to usher land-based players online, they are also an invaluable tool for bricks-and-mortar casinos looking to extent their brand to a new demographic.


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