Guest Blog: iGaming Through the Looking Glass – Part One, by Mark McGuinness

Guest Blog: iGaming Through the Looking Glass – Part One, by Mark McGuinness

Wednesday, January 21, 2015 Totally Gaming

As we fast approach this years’ Discover - Voyages Extraordinaires at ICE Totally Gaming let us voyage into how innovation and technology could be applied in an Alice in Wonderland ‘through the looking glass’ style of possibilities for the future of online gaming in 2015, writes Mark McGuinness.

One area that has sparked my interest in this imaginarium of discovery as it pertains to gambling is the growth in the Internet of Things (IoT). For those of you that may not be familiar with the term, many of the world’s leading luminaries, technology entrepreneur’s and analysts are predicting that the IoT shall be a bigger than the current market of Smart phones, personal computers and tablets combined, is in itself a mind blowing paradox.

"The aim is to make life simpler and have predicative self-learning apps that control our appliances in the post smarter computer era." - Mark McGuinness

Let’s start off with what is the Internet of Things (IoT) all about. The term was first attributed to digital innovation guru Kevin Ashton way back in 1999.

The majority of us consider connection to the internet highway as being through physical human interaction such as pressing a button with our PC’s, tablets or smartphones. This now includes wearable tech devices such as smart watches or health gadgets such as LG’s fitness tracker, LG Lifeband Touch or Nike’s Fuelband that contain sensors which monitors the wearers heart rate, speed, muscle contractions to ultimately improve your end performance or goals.

IoT on the other hand is an environment in which just about anything can be connected and can communicate not just with ourselves but with other surrounding objects as one vast information data system. It’s a sort of scenario similar to the movie franchisee Terminator.

Whereby machines or everyday machines can in act in unison and exhibit what is referred to as ambient intelligence. In this brave new world, ambient intelligence devices work together to make our everyday mundane tasks easier.

The aim is to make life simpler and have predicative self-learning apps that control our appliances in the post smarter computer era. There is going to be a boom in smart apps that control appliances in and out of the home, including business, and it is already here.

The superpower force that is Google obviously thinks IoT shall be huge and paid $2.5 billion for the company called NEST which developed second generation smart applications built into the thermostat in your home to control heating and so forth. NEST is a front runner in ‘eoctech’ and coincidentally was founded by ex-Apple iPod creator Tony Fadell.  

So what are some of the current practical applications for IoT in and out of the home? Well according to Business Insider Intelligence’s report 1.9 billion appliances are IoT enabled and by 2018 around 9 billion shall have the capability.  Cisco also reported that the three major IoT categories as they forecast could be smart connected marketing and advertising billboards, to smart factories and telecommuting networks.     

Author biography:

Mark McGuinness has more than 15 years’ experience in digital marketing director roles with both private and public iGaming operators. He is the resident iGaming Futurologist for Isle of Man-based Mainstream Marketing & Communications, a digital marketing agency offering business and marketing advice on social gaming, i-gaming, bitcoin and land-based gambling.

To read ‘iGaming Through the Looking Glass – Part Two’ by Mark McGuinness, check out tomorrow.


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