Enteractive aiding Pinnacle regrowth

Enteractive aiding Pinnacle regrowth

Tuesday, March 6, 2018 Posted by Craig Davies
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Turning churned players into active users one of the targets

Retention solutions provider Enteractive has entered into a relationship with Pinnacle, designed to bring the online sports betting and esports operator a multitude of benefits.

As part of the service to go live is the Enteractive player (re)activation service, in which trained agents speak directly to players.

With an aim of turning churned players into active users, an understanding can built up regarding what individuals want from their gaming experience, ensuring appropriate actions and guidance can be provided as a result.

As well as this, operators can also be promptly alerted to potentially vulnerable players and handle the issue in a quick and effective manor, courtesy of Enteractive’s socially responsible method.

Andrew Foster, Head of Business Development at Enteractive, has been speaking to TotallyGaming.com about the new agreements, and elaborated on the advantages it can bring.

TG: What benefits will the Enteractive service bring to Pinnacle?

AF: The primary benefit Enteractive will bring to Pinnacle is to create an additional channel of organic regrowth for the operator by bringing back players with a known lifetime value while at the same time building a more qualitative relationship with these players.

Our focus is to create an entirely new source of value generation whilst providing a proactive responsible gaming strategy for the operator. The service is such that it compliments an operators existing CRM cycle by regenerating players after the existing cycle has ended.

TG: How effective is investing in players as opposed to new acquisition?

AF: Over the past 9 years, we have seen the incredible value that can be created by investing in ones already established [on the] database. One cannot underestimate the benefit of knowing the lifetime value of a player and having the ability to build brand loyalty through our personalised one to one calls.

It appears that in a world that is driven by tech and non-human interactions, people appreciate more than ever a person to person conversation. Having the ability to bring back more than a third of the players that we speak to and delivering 300% ROI, coupled with our model that we only charge when we create real bottom line value makes this investment cost effective.

Acquisition and reactivation are more complimentary than opposing as one happens at the beginning of the lifecycle and the other at the end. However, based on the fact that acquisition costs are increasing due to competition, reactivation is a very cost effective way to boost one’s bottom line with minimal effort from an operator’s perspective.

TG: How crucial is it to encapsulate responsible gambling efforts within the service?

AF: At Enteractive our view is that although we primarily create bottom line revenue for the operator, we believe the most effective strategy for operators is to employ a proactive Responsible Gaming strategy. That means to actively minimise and prevent gaming with the small 2% group that has problems, while at the same time build a more qualitative relationship with the large 98% group that has no problems.

The only way to accomplish this is to actually talk to players one-on-one, and to do that continuously over time. Not only does that approach result in gambling addiction problems being detected and managed, it also means that operators build a better customer relationship with all players, manifesting in the best long term results for the business as a whole


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