‘Diversify your acquisition sources’ – Affiliates push into offline marketing

‘Diversify your acquisition sources’ – Affiliates push into offline marketing

Friday, May 12, 2017 Posted by James Walker

Affiliates continue to explore an increasingly wide range of marketing strategies to drive bettors to their sites – and as SEO gives rise to pay-per-click (PPC), offline advertising presents more opportunities than ever for those looking to maximise their revenues.

Speaking at this year’s Betting on Football Conference, which took place in London last week, Tom Galanis, director of TAG Media, noted that many affiliates are moving away from organic traffic-generation methods and towards PPC and social media models.

Amid the fast-moving marketing landscape, Galanis asked a prestigious panel of industry experts what the future holds for affiliates in terms of branding.

“We started with SEO, but are heading more into offline channels,” said Riccardo Mittiga, CEO and founder of Italian online betting site, Superscommesse. “You need your customers to come back again and again, but to do this they need a reason to come back.

“At this moment, we are really focusing on offline brands and things like instant competitions and above-the-line marketing in bars or pubs. This allows us to really see how our customers feel and how they interact with the brand.”

When questioned over how easy it is to track the success of offline marketing activity, Mittiga said: “This year we launched our daily fantasy sports platform, Sportito, and we have a partnership with Fulham FC and Burnley FC.

“Of course, you can’t track everything, but what works is to have the customer in our daily fantasy ‘corner’, so they download and interact with the app. And you can do other things that are more measurable. For example, you can give away free tickets, signed shirts or balls during half-time competitions. If you put an advertisement on the big screen with a number for people to text for a chance to win, at the end of 50 minutes you have 1,000 or 2,000 numbers.”

Fintan Costello, chief marketing officer for Revenue Engineers, disagreed with the idea that offline media was difficult to track. “If you are sponsoring LED displays during a game it’s quite easy to overlay the time versus website hits,” he said.

“You might not get the exact FTD numbers for that particular two-hour slot, but operators don’t even get it 100% – they don’t even get it 70%. So, for an affiliate, as long as you can see your numbers going up then it’s job done.

“In my view, it’s all about profit maximisation. If you can diversify your acquisition sources then you can maximise your revenue. It’s all about risk mitigation. If your biggest acquisition source is SEO or PPC or social media, investors will look at that and say, for example, ‘what if Facebook turns you off?’ So from an affiliate perspective it’s better to diversify, to show you are running across multiple channels.”

Matthew Glazier, managing director of Bookies.com, added: “I don’t think every affiliate has moved away from SEO. It’s still the bread and butter for a lot of affiliates. But, conversely, there are quite a few affiliates who haven’t paid too much attention to SEO, especially the new wave that have come along that really have adopted social media as their leverage to generate new betting accounts for any number of operators.

“I think PPC gives us a chance to perform a two- or three-pronged attack, especially if we’re doing advertising on the perimeter boards of football grounds and we are able to go at it in multiple ways.

“The paid search is very much giving you control to go out as an affiliate, whereas SEO side of things is very much educated guess work, as far as the latest Google update is concerned. You can tailor PPC campaigns around the sporting events that you want to target.

“There are so many alternatives to going out and getting betting accounts now for affiliates, and that’s probably why SEO has been marginalised in a number of instances.”

TotallyGaming says: Affiliates today have a wealth of marketing channels at their disposal. What works for some may not be as successful for others, but amid today’s increasingly online-focused world, traditional advertising methods, when targeted to the right audience, can still be worth their weight in gold.


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