Career profile: How a banner sale put Pawlo on road to success

Career profile: How a banner sale put Pawlo on road to success

Monday, September 7, 2015 Totally Gaming
Mr Green's Mikael Pawlo focuses on employees' attitudes

Mikael Pawlo - CV
Current role: Co-founder, Director of the board, Mr Green & Co        
Previous roles: CEO Mr Green & Co, CEO Mr Green LTD    
Education: Law, economics, history of the Renaissance    
Date of Birth: October 13, 1973 When was your big break in your career?

Mikael Pawlo: When I was very young – twenty something – I got a shot at heading up the interactive online team at the Swedish branch of the technology media, events and research company IDG. I didn’t set up the first website for IDG in Sweden, but I did sell the first banner. The internet started to explode and so did my career, even though it eventually led to me not pursuing a rather traditional career in law, but going the less travelled entrepreneurial road. What is the biggest challenge you have faced in your career?

Mikael Pawlo: Back in 2010 we did a deploy at Mr Green on a Friday that went sour. Since it was Friday afternoon when the code was deployed into production the error was not uncovered until much later. A game was incorrectly integrated - you could not lose money on the game, since the databases were incorrectly integrated, however if you won, your balance increased. It was just like being at an automatic teller machine, where we were asked to bankroll the withdrawals. Handling the situation with clients, staff and partners - a situation that was also playing out in Swedish and international media - was not easy and not my finest hour. I don’t think we ever deployed on a Friday since. What sort of qualities do you look for in an applicant for a job?

Mikael Pawlo: Attitude. Attitude. Attitude. Then I check for skills, but you can always train for skill, but never for attitude. If the applicant has a forward-leaning ‘let’s try it’ attitude then things will always work out sooner or later. If the attitude is not there, we will eventually have a falling out. What do you believe is the key ingredient to putting together a successful team of staff members?

Mikael Pawlo: Attitude and a clear vision of where your company and your product are going will work wonders. I have never seen a team fail where the team members have a clear vision of where they are going and the right attitude to get the job done. It might not be carried out in the manner you would have done it yourself if you get a team with the proper attitude together, but that is not important. Most failures I have seen are based on poor or unclear visions, creating poor attitudes then leading to bad results. It is not all Kumbaya, obviously, but attitude creates actions and action leads to results. What would be your key piece of advice for someone starting out in the betting and gaming industry?

Mikael Pawlo: Learn to count. This is a numbers game from 0 to 9. If you don’t know your calculus, you might still get lucky, but the cards are stacked against you. If you can count and have the right action-oriented attitude you have a good chance of being successful in the i-gaming industry. You will not cure cancer, but you will bring a lot of excitement, thrills, happiness, entertainment and joy to people. That counts, so do it properly.

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