BtoBet: Providing long-lasting sportsbook and casino technology for target markets

BtoBet: Providing long-lasting sportsbook and casino technology for target markets

Monday, February 5, 2018 Posted by Luke Massey
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BtoBet Chairman Alessandro Fried spoke to about crucial aspects to consider for sportsbook and casino games platforms, and making sure its software technology is long-lasting, secure, always updated and in gear with the requirements of its target markets.

Totally Gaming: We have heard lots of discussion around AI during the last year, but can you explain how AI technology enhances the sportsbook and gaming industry?

Alessandro Fried: Many industries are using artificial intelligence to analyse data, predict outcome and manage their day to day operations. iGaming is also affected by collection of the massive amount of data and it is essential to engage algorithms that analyse the data and enable the operator to work with it more efficiently and cost-effectively. The evolution of the technology has advanced beyond simple player management systems that enable operators to acquire and analyse a player’s data and behaviour.

The omnichannel platform Neuron Gaming and Neuron Sports allows easy management of operations, ensuring automatically tailored offers to players, any moment, online, mobile and retail. Additionally, the Gaming aggregator enables operators to maximize the effort of delivering the perfect offer for an unforgettable experience for the players, proposing the largest offer of games on the market.

The real innovation provided by our Neuron Gaming omnichannel platform is giving the player the power to decide where to bet/play and on which product without being spammed from an ever-ending offer. How? Knowing what operator’s player prefers and using that information to inform future offers will gain his attention, trust and ultimately his loyalty.

In this perspective, AI is fundamental for analysis and personalisation. Through sophisticated and precise algorithms Neuron Gaming can analyse and interpret an immeasurable amount of key player information - as player’s happiness level, type of player and player segment- and allows to create micro-segment gamers dynamically according to their behaviour.

If we consider the sports-betting, players are provided with a huge range of sports events, bets and games and the selection of events - including virtual, live sports and esports - must be quick and the customers need suggestions to access their preferred content, all in one-click. At this point, the combination with the Neuron Sports Recommendation Engine (RE) becomes the essential solution to retain players.

The RE – working alongside the AI programme – can predict similar bets and games that the player will be interested in, on his/her favourite channel. Neuron Sports generates a detailed report aimed at verifying the profitability for each type of game and each player, allowing bookmakers to analyse the performance of any given strategy and suggest modifications to achieve predefined goals.

TG: With payment methods consistently evolving, how crucial is that the Neuron Gaming and Neuron Sports platforms are open for integration with any payment method?

AF: Today, with a fast expansion of the gambling market worldwide, a complete offer of payment gateways, and the possibility to count on platforms enabling easy integration with all types of payment in a safe way, is crucial.

Our Neuron Sports and Neuron Gaming platforms are multi-currency and include automatic currencies conversion, they are conceived to cater the needs of the whole gambling sector, accomplishing a wide range of international payments and targeted payment gateways for all countries where our clients got their operations and for other emerging regulated where licensees are interested to expand their business.

In this perspective, our platforms are ready to integrate any type of payment solution, with payment processors, either directly or through payment aggregators. They also offer a safe and trusted tool for an easy transaction, for both the user and the licensee. Additionally, with over 200 types of payment methods, including credit cards - as Visa, Mastercard, American Express - numbers of e-wallets, SMS payments, Bitcoin and Voucher, our platforms allow operators and bookmakers to localise their portfolio for target regions and gain a global reach.

TG: Neuron Gaming’s 360 customisation allows operators to fully personalise their gaming products; how does this help operators stay ahead in a highly competitive market?

AF: Only delivering a totally one-to-one customised experience, different for each channel, driven by robust and advanced technology, is possible to put into action effective retention strategies and stay ahead of the competition.

Our Neuron Gaming platform proposes scalable solutions for any channel, any jurisdiction and any business model. It allows gaming operators to have full management of their operations, of their own front-end, enabling the personalisation of their web, mobile, or app presence through a high level of customization in terms of user experience, content and configuration amongst other aspects.

These are all elements that give the operator the possibility to build the front-end strategically for his target market, whilst at the same time to integrate third-party content and configuring all aspects aimed at enhancing the user experience.

Additionally, Neuron Gaming enables the integration of any content related to Games and Betting, and whatever payment method or affiliation system needed for specific target markets. Moreover, it allows the configuration of every single element of the licensee’s system in a very detailed way, or alternatively, enables the licensee to teach his system to act according to the roles that he decides for the management of his own business and the offer of services to his clients. It is an ongoing updating product, always staying open to allow limitless personalisation possibilities.

TG: Neuron Sports gives the operator various options to manage risk and liability; how vital is this for a sportsbook with such a wide range of sports?

AF: The learning engine is crucial also in the risk management. In fact, the wide offer of sports and events require a precise tool that automatically identifies potential fraud, taking the necessary action whilst also advising the licensee. It is extremely important to guarantee a totally secure management process and in this regard Neuron Sports provides an advanced anti-fraud system, able to independently analyse the player’s activity automatically identifying any possible fraudulent behaviour.

Neuron Sports rules related to the fraud point system sets to determine and group all the players in a dynamic segment on which the fraudulent actions will be assigned. As the players move from one segment to another, they will inherit the blockages set in their previous segments. This will go on until they reach the segment which disables the blocks set by the operator. The developed system of rules by which these behaviours are defined also allows operators to define the actions that the system will automatically undertake. With specific friendly tools, operators can keep track of the transaction data, and manage it by reviewing analytics via the risk and fraud dashboards.

Additionally, through a Player similarity process, it is possible to reduce the scams generated by false accounts with the aim of cheating the operator. How? Registering of the same person with multiple accounts is controlled by an algorithm to determine the similarity among multiple player accounts. The system will identify the similar accounts and will provide a separate preview for the administrator to be able to review and decide on whether to deactivate the duplicate account(s).

One of the most appreciated benefits of implementing Neuron Sports advanced tools, for fraud management, are the real-time visibility of fraud vulnerability, the ability to immediately respond to fraud with timely and relevant actions and to prevent monetary loss due to fraud.

TG: Working with a reliable information source is crucial to successful in-play trading; why did you choose to work with Betradar?

AF: Betradar is one of the world’s leading sports data company which has developed into a key player in the industry, providing excellent monitoring odds movements and patterns worldwide to identify suspicious activities through our unique Fraud Detection System (FDS). Reliability of sources is crucial in the Sports betting and for this reason, we decided to collaborate with Betradar, becoming their Golden partner.

Together we provide a performing Sportsbook turnkey solution to our clients. Additionally, the combination of the flexibility of Neuron Sports platform together with the capability of Betradar’s MTS services add incredible value to Betradar’s worldwide recognised sportsbook feeds.

BtoBet will showcase its advanced Neuron Gaming and Neuron Sports platform at ICE Totally Gaming, booth S1-320 from 6-8 February.


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