The benefits of PoolBet: A Q&A with Nsoft’s Communications & Events Specialist Martina Filipović

The benefits of PoolBet: A Q&A with Nsoft’s Communications & Events Specialist Martina Filipović

Thursday, October 26, 2017 Posted by Joseph Streeter
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Nsoft has released Poolbet to Sima Communications

NSoft, provider of premium gaming software solutions has released PoolBet to its pioneer user, Sima Communications.

PoolBet is a result of NSoft’s employee internal challenge designed to stimulate players to compete on contests created from the admin side or by themselves. The game aims to bring a new, added value to the player with no risk and big prizes. caught up with Nsoft’s Communications & Events Specialist Martina Filipović, who broke down the benefits of the group’s new product.

TotallyGaming: How beneficial to customers is the Social component of this app?

Martina Filipović: This product initially started as an idea from our employees. Long story short - a group of employees plays soccer weekly together. After the match comes social part where they go to beer and watch some sport games. As time passed by they started to argue "who knows sport better" and to determine who's better they came to simple idea - "let's compete on correct score of the game". And that's how Poolbet was born.

Considering that you can see that social component is Poolbet fundamental. Punters no longer compete against experienced online bookmaker - instead of that they compete against friends, family members or complete strangers. Providers also benefit from Poolbet social component since they are no longer only party which tries to attract punters. It's also other punters which call friends to join their contest. And that's how you increase punter base and income for free.

TG: Can you tell me more about the importance of the low waiting times for customers?

MF: Dreadful process of developing a system capable of consuming a whole new feed can drag its heels for months. Single entry point of our system reduces that period and brings you a dynamic product in no time.

TG: Can big prizes and low risks set you apart from the competition?

MF: Since Poolbet is a social betting product where you compete with other players in your network, low risk is guaranteed. In fact, there is no risk! You, as a gaming provider, control how much rake will your company have and this amount is automatically deducted from entry fee once the player joins contest. We recommend that guaranteed prize is set in contest so you attract more players with big prizes.

TG: How much does it mean to you to have your first customer on board?

MF: Having real customer feedback is really irreplaceable part of product life cycle. As you probably already experienced - team spends a lot of time in feature planning, implementation and testing. Before production release tech stuff is questioning "will this work and scale properly", project owners are questioning "will this feature be more attractive to users than the other one", designers are questioning "is design better suited than the other one"... When you release product to first customer all those questions are getting answered. And with customer feedback you keep reshaping and improving your product. So having first customers means a lot to us.


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