XLMedia CEO highlights ‘bright’ future for affiliates

XLMedia CEO highlights ‘bright’ future for affiliates

Wednesday, September 9, 2015 Totally Gaming
Ahead of EIG, Ory Weihs outlines the benefits of affiliate systems

Ory Weihs, chief executive of XLMedia, has spoken of his support for affiliates and suggested that such systems have a “bright” future in the gaming industry.

Weihs in 2003 set up a successful affiliate network, which later became XLMedia through a number of mergers. The company has established as one of the major digital performance marketing services providers within the gaming sector.

Having overseen the rise of XLMedia, Weihs, who is due to speak at EiG 2015 later this year, was keen to highlight the benefits of affiliate systems, telling TotallyGaming.com that they can work with businesses of any size.

“I believe the model is one that is preferred by operators of all sizes and verticals as it’s effectively risk free for them, especially in the revenue share model,” Weihs said. "It offers operators easy access to large amounts of high value users while not having to go through the very difficult process of developing smart advertising technology, knowhow, experience and assets, which is both time consuming and costly.

“I believe the future is bright for affiliates in the gaming sector as well as other verticals. The market is becoming more competitive and operators will be mainly judged by the amount of high value users they manage to recruit.

“Also, technology has progressed significantly over the last 10 years and enables both better tracking as well as much more targeted and efficient spend for performance marketers, such as XLMedia, which have spent the time and money developing the tools to handle the vast amounts of data out there.”

With Weihs expecting XLMedia to benefit from an increase in the use of affiliate systems, he highlighted the firm’s own targets and how it will go about achieving them.

“As the chief executive and director of the firm, I have the ultimate responsibility for the ongoing management of the group, as well as the strategy, continued growth and investor relations with our shareholders and investors,” Weihs said.

“XLMedia’s main goals are first and foremost to continue our growth, constantly adding new verticals, geographies and advertising platforms. We have managed to achieve such growth in 2014 and H1 of 2015 and believe we can continue our growth further in the coming years.

“We are focused on improving our technological platform both in publishing and media in order to increase scale and margins as well as continuing to look for M&A targets complementing our offering.”

In terms of how XLMedia will achieve these targets, Weihs simply said that the company will continue to do what it has been doing for some time now - setting itself “aggressive” goals for technology and product development, as well as establishing financial goals and reaching them.

“In order to expand into new geographies and verticals we are taking a combined approach of developing organically and adding acquisitions which we believe will increase shareholder value and expedite time to market,” Weihs said.

“We work hard to integrate our acquired businesses (EDM & Marmar Media) and achieving the synergies we see between XLMedia’s core units and the acquired assets. This is a process that is already underway for quite some time showing good results.”

* EiG 2015 will take place at Arena Berlin in Germany from October 20-22.


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