Wiraya awarded €2m AI development grant

Wiraya awarded €2m AI development grant

Thursday, February 22, 2018 Posted by Craig Davies
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Innovation grant's coming from the European Commission

Wiraya has been awarded €2m in innovation grants by the European Commission, which the firm states is to help drive its artificial intelligence (AI) development.

The contribution is to aid the advancement, validation and optimisation of AI software, with an overall aim of aiding Europe’s mobile operators improve customer value and loyalty.

Wiraya’s AI functionality in its software collects data and continuously learns from all interactions made, allowing it to predict what message, in addition to how and when, to communicate to individuals in order to get the best result.  

Charlotte Banning, head of marketing at Wiraya, told TotallyGaming.com how essential this latest news is for the firm: “This grant is of course important to us, since we can speed up our investments in our AI functionality in our software for mobile customer activation. With the functionality and packaged solution for operators we’ll be able to scale our business quicker to mobile operators within Europe.

“Another positive note is that it’s also good that the EU commission believe it’s important to invest in AI in order to increase the competence in AI within Europe. That will be an important competitive advantage to [the] EU in the long run.”

Before adding the benefits it will bring for operators: “With all the data operators have about their customers’ purchases and behaviors, we as consumers expect to get relevant and personal communication and service.

“We are tired of being bombarded with messages through multiple channels and at times that suit the supplier rather than us as individuals.

“AI is widely used in many areas, but within proactive communication it’s still immature. Properly used it will have a huge potential to create digital, proactive customer dialogues, tailored to each person in a way that hasn’t been possible before.

“We believe that mobile operators should spend more on their existing customers and their experience, instead of constantly exchanging subscribers among operators.

“Enormous amounts of money is spent on recruiting new subscribers. What if that money could be spent on their existing customers?

“Our initial tests in the gaming industry have already shown a higher conversion rate with the use of Wiraya, ie customers are acting to a greater extent, compared with other more traditional ways of communicating. So it’s evident that better customer experience creates more satisfied and loyal customers.”

Totally Gaming says: This is a significant figure received by Wiraya from the European Commission, and highlights the importance of which it puts on the development of AI. By placing existing customers at the forefront, the benefits could well be wide ranging in terms of both distance and time.


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