Winistry unveils VR casino at GiGse

Winistry unveils VR casino at GiGse

Tuesday, April 26, 2016 Totally Gaming
CEO Gerard Cunningham gave attendees a glimpse of his company's exciting new product

GiGse looked into the future when Winistry chief executive Gerard Cunningham offered them the chance to view his company’s Virtual Reality (VR) casino.

Cunningham launched Winistry in 2015 “to delight players with new, fully immersive, exciting VR games” and said that the company’s first casino game has been launched to tie in with the launch of the Oculus Rift, HTC Vive and Playstation VR.

Cunningham told that technological advances, the will of the corporate superpowers and cultural events will contrive to bring VR and augmented reality (AR) to the mainstream, and gambling must be prepared to embrace the change.

“Digi-Capital is forecasting a $150bn (€137.6bn) global market for VR plus AR in 2020,” said Cunningham, who also founded Betfair USA and Koolbit. "This massive market opportunity is driven by the push from the major internet and entertainment companies and the pull from consumers and businesses around the world.

“Every major internet company is investing in the VR and AR space, including Google, Facebook, Apple, Microsoft, Sony and Samsung. Their investment will bring products to market with ever-decreasing cost and continually improving performance.

“Adoption of VR is going to be driven by cultural events, for example a music concert in which we can experience being on stage beside U2 or Katy Perry, or a sports event which places us at the finish line of the 100m at the Olympics.”

Cunningham is enthusiastic about the possibilities offered to the gaming industry by new technology, and gave an insight into one example of what could one day be a typical VR gambling experience. 

“In the casino genre, we can place players into a copy of any real casino in the world, or into an imaginary casino in outer space,” he said. “We can let players collaborate or compete with their friends, famous movie stars, or avatars of the world’s best poker players, and create 3D games with huge scale or unique physics, which are not possible in the real world.”

* Winistry will welcome attendees to a VR Tour at the GiGse even in San Francisco at 6pm on Wednesday, April 27. For more information, go to


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