Why mobile content could be key to tapping into the US market

Why mobile content could be key to tapping into the US market

Tuesday, May 29, 2018 Posted by Joseph Streeter
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Entering the market, operators will be aiming to utilise engaging content

A key factor for betting operators looking to tap into the newly emerging US market, will be to ensure that they put out content that engages the US sportsbook punters.

It’s not solely the quality of the content that will engage users in US sportsbooks, as it’s also highly important that operators connect with users through the most appropriate and beneficial platform.

As a platform for sports bettors, mobile has gone through a period of exponential growth and it continues to stand apart as the most popular betting platform, not only for sports bettor, but also for igaming consumers.

When asked whether the rise of the mobile platform in the UK, is something that could be replicated Andrew Morgan, International Director at Independent Content Service detailed to TotallyGaming.com: “This will depend again on the regulations in each state, but with over 80% mobile penetration in the US, mobile is likely to be the dominant platform for betting in jurisdictions where it’s legalised. However, a number of states are likely to adopt a land-based only approach to betting, so mobile may not be as big as it is in the UK. Whether in-play betting is legalised will also be a factor.

“That said, if states do look to allow mobile sports betting – as is already the case in Nevada – then there is a huge opportunity for bookmakers and indeed app developers from Europe to deploy their expertise across the pond.

“If we look at which sports would be the best fit for mobile and in-play betting, football stands out. The stop-start nature of the game means that betting on markets such as the next down and whether it is a run or a pass, the length of completion, etc all becomes viable and these are markets that in principle don't challenge the integrity of the game. Mobile betting has been driven by in-play and we just have to look to Europe to see how popular this type of wagering is. I think it will be the same in the US.”

Totally Gaming says: On a global scale, the mobile gaming sector generated in excess of £30 billion in revenue for 2017, a figure that’s widely expected to grow when the 2018 results are released. As long as regulation permits, given the tech savvy nature of the American market it’s difficult to anticipate that it won’t be heavily based on mobile players.


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