Twitterly Gaming - Politics, football and chocolate

Twitterly Gaming - Politics, football and chocolate

Friday, July 8, 2016 Posted by Andy McCarron
A collection of the gambling industry's best tweets this week

Have trouble keeping up with twitter? Well Totally Gaming has been scouring the feeds to bring some of the more interesting tweets from the industry to your attention. Have you seen something that is worthy of attention? Tweet us at @totallygaminghq

In Australia, bookmaker Sportsbet got done a treat with one of its novelty markets during the coverage of the general election in the country. The firm was offering a market on the colour tie worn by Nine Network’s political editor Laurie Oakes during election night.

However Oakes outplayed the bookmaker by changing ties throughout the night, wearing six different ones in total, leaving the exasperated bookmaker to pay out on all selections on the market. Fortunately it had only attracted 57 bets, so it wasn’t too expensive, and Sportsbet tipped its hat at the end of the night.

It tweeted: "Yeah yeah, laugh it up got us mate. Well played. #ausvotes @Channel9 #auspol"

Meanwhile others are still contemplating the impact of the Brexit vote in the UK and the fallout which will see the country get a new Prime Minister. The candidates have been whittled down to Theresa May or Andrea Leadsome. Sports media spokesman Rory Jiwani is not impressed at the options.

He wrote: “May or Leadsom is like choosing firing squad or Chinese water torture; you can see appeal of the former while the latter is plain insanity.”

Consultant and former Betfair marketing director Mark Davies is irritated at the flack given to the process that will choose the next Prime Minister – the Conservative Party membership will decide whether May or Leadsom will succeed David Cameron and therefore the leader of the country. Davies points out that this happened with the previous Prime Minister as well.

He tweeted: “All the whinging about "just 150,000 Tory members will choose the next PM"... I don't remember any of it when Gordon Brown took over in 2007”

Meanwhile Leighton Vaughan Williams, Director of the Betting Research Unit at Nottingham Business School is still fighting against the Brexit tide and the economic uncertainty that it has brought to the country.

He wrote: "The only hope now for UK economy is that markets have some doubt that we will enact #Brexit #howler. Give them doubt. Fight against #Brexit"

Away from the politics the European Championship is also attracting a great deal of attention. Racing Post editor Bruce Millington had his own take on the semi-final between Portugal verses Wales given the coverage in the build-up to the game.

He tweeted: “Oi, what are all those other people doing on the pitch? I was told it was Bale v Ronaldo.”

Meanwhile Coral’s Nick Goff gave an insight into how much the rest of the UK got behind Wales before the game – no doubt the bookmaker welcomed Portugal’s victory.

He said: “How often does a bookie with 1850 shops see a match with six times as many bets on the outsider as the fav? I'll tell you. Not often. #wales”

Not everyone was focused on politics and football. Openbet’s Twitter clearly has a sweet tooth at the moment as it happily celebrated World Chocolate Day. Maybe it was trying to get a freebie from Cadburys?

It wrote: “#ThrowbackThursday in honour of #WorldChocolateDay! Miss those pallets of #Chocolate #Eastereggs @CadburyUK”


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