TG Talk - What modern consumer trends should gambling industry be following?

TG Talk - What modern consumer trends should gambling industry be following?

Thursday, August 18, 2016 Posted by Andy McCarron

With so many developments in the wider consumer world, it can pay rich rewards to be at the forefront of emerging trends. But which ones are the ones to be following?

Jonathan Patterson, iGaming Business Development, Qubit: “It’s hard to get away from the impact that AI will have on consumer expectations moving forward but I believe the biggest shift is how scarce and valuable your customers’ attention is becoming. Mobile has been great for this industry, but it's also been great for plenty of other industries.

“The successful operators of tomorrow will learn to compete for and win customer attention on a device that's become a distraction magnet. You have to make it quick and easy to find selections and fit within the dwindling attention window and you can also try extending it with a more engaging experience.”

Amitabh Ghatak, former Head of Product Development at William Hill and speaker at EiG 2016: “Augmented Reality has always been one of those technologies that was looking for a purpose. A lot of innovation actually has a lot of precedent in gaming (think 1989’s Game boy - the world’s first mobile gaming console; or Kinect’s motion sensing). Pokemon Go has found that right niche of combining a playful popular brand (Pokemon), mass appeal consumer product company (Nintendo) and a cutting edge Google spin-off (Niantic). A lot of also has to do with FOMO - something new and innovative that some cool folks are doing and also a new way of experiencing your phone and the world around you. While I think mass interest will subside and Pokemon Go will be left with its core audience, it has paved the way for people to think of AR as a genuine revenue generating opportunity.

"I remember a couple of years ago, Paddy Power experimented with AR (point your phone at the TV and it’ll take you to the relevant section in the app). William Hill launched the Apple Watch app on the day the Apple Watch was released. We also did full on VR with Get In The Race that’s on the Oculus Rift and Google Cardboard. These are experiments worth doing. Fundamentally, the biggest learning for me has been to not try and do this ourselves. I’m not sure Pokemon Go would’ve done what it did if Nintendo tried to do it themselves. Partner with a company who specialises in the type of innovation you’re looking to experiment in. This is also not for the faint hearted, it requires time, effort and iterations - so fundamentally a commitment from the parent company."

Robin Hutchison, director, Square in the Air: “Our industry needs to do more to engage with the core 18-24 demographic. A recent Gambling Commission survey showed participation from this age range is in decline - and that’s clearly because much of the current marketing isn’t speaking to millennials. It is more important than ever not only to understand how these users are consuming entertainment, but also how to position gaming in such a way that it can compete with Snapchat, Steam, and Netflix for their time. There needs to be a closer relationship between product and marketing, and the message needs to be more focussed, more innovative, and ultimately more attractive.”

Chris North, CEO, GamCrowd: "Having immersed myself in the London Tech scene these past three years whilst building GamCrowd I have learnt there are many tech trends that are here now and that are on their way. One thing is clear though is that one tops them all and that is AI. It will be the unseen tech that is distributing intelligence through all other tech sitting there at the top of this next tech revolution."


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