SofaScore - Maximising the Russian World Cup

SofaScore - Maximising the Russian World Cup

Friday, May 25, 2018 Posted by Michael Lawson
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The app has reached 10 million Android downloads

For mobile sports apps, the World Cup provides an unrivalled opportunity to attract new customers and showcase their offering.

SofaScore recently reached 10 million users on Android and will be looking to further increase its global customer base, as well as affirming its position as a leader in the market for football apps. caught up with Daniel Jurilj, Marketing Manager at SofaScore, who detailed how the app is looking to maximise the World Cup as well how SofaScore achieved 10 million users on android.

TotallyGaming: SofaScore recently reached 10 million users on Android; what do you put this success down to?  

Daniel Jurilj: The success SofaScore has enjoyed over the past few years as a company and as a product is a clear indication of the changing trends in how sports are consumed by the fans today. It is nothing new that sports science is "taking" over sports and although some fans are afraid the most popular team sports like football are losing their soul because of it, we just don't agree.

As a big data company we are developing insightful infographics from these sheer numbers that give our users a whole different perspective on matches. For example, SofaScore player ratings are fast becoming a benchmark for quantifying player performances. Based on a complex algorithm they are the end product of dozens of stats collected by human operators.

Player ratings are live and this is the aspect our users really value, especially if they are playing fantasy games and want instant points updates (SofaScore is ratings provider for several well known fantasy games). More about SofaScore player ratings:

We've also always valued user feedback, and our Support Team is one of our most important ones. Our users certainly recognized this, give us credit for it and is the reason why they become strong brand ambassadors.   

TG: What are you doing to set yourselves apart from the competition at this summer's World Cup?

DJ: We're certainly gearing up for the World Cup, but we are not looking at how we will set ourselves apart from the competition, but rather focusing on user engagement. We can't disclose much at this point, but we can say most of our well-know features will get a facelift in order for users to enjoy a custom World Cup experience, depending on whether they have a team competing at the World Cup or not. This will range from custom push notifications, unique chat, shareable images etc.

We will also put a strong focus on our player ratings and other statistics that are a part of a really special feature for the WC (we'll leave the announcement as a surprise for our users). Also we are focusing a lot on the time people will have to kill ahead of the WC and between matches which is why we've launched Pick'em (WC brackets game) and Sofa Super Cup (penalty shootout game)

Both of the games have cool prizes.

TG: What do you think will be the key desires of football fans at this Summer's World Cup?

DJ: From a fan perspective, they expect a lot of fun form the World Cup. For true football fans it is not ultimately important if their team goes all the way, but just to enjoy the once in 4-years experience. Fans will want to chat, comment, express their delight or disappointment and just be a part of it all. That's what we are trying to accomplish with SofaScore.

We are not just pushing information to our users one way, we want them to comment it, to share it, to join our chat, to vote who will win and climb our predictors list and so on and so forth. We are creating a well rounded story across all our channels and our social media will for example play a big part during the World Cup.


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