Sarafina Wolde Gabriel - VP of Strategy at Income Access: The importance of mobile in the affiliate market

Sarafina Wolde Gabriel - VP of Strategy at Income Access: The importance of mobile in the affiliate market

Tuesday, March 20, 2018 Posted by Joseph Streeter
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In its latest report Income Access details the industry through the eyes of affiliates

Income Access, the marketing and technology services provider for Paysafe, recently released a survey report entitled State of Play: iGaming’s Affiliate Marketing Industry.

As part of the report, Income Access asked more than 20 survey questions covering a range of topics, including mobile traffic and optimisation, preferred advertising models, verticals and markets of interest, factors when considering an operator partner and more.

Some of the key findings from the report, which detailed statistical and anecdotal insights on the current state of the affiliate marketing industry are listed below:

25% of respondents are considering promoting esports in the near future

23% are considering pursuing the Asian market in 2018

55% chose Revenue Share as their preferred advertising model

39% said that more than 50% of their traffic arrives from mobile devices

38% chose an evolving SEO strategy as their most valuable 2018 marketing activity

62% chose Facebook as the social media channel they will focus on the most in 2018

Following on from the releasing of the intriguing report, Sarafina Wolde Gabriel, VP of Strategy at Income Access spoke to, further revealing what the survey says about the affiliate market in 2018. Does this survey affirm the notion that the Asian market is the next big market for affiliates to tap into? 

Sarafina Wolde Gabriel: The pace of growth in Asia as well as the resulting role of affiliate marketing will be dependent on regulation and the barriers of entry. Our survey indicated strong interest in the market and it will be especially interesting to monitor how this translates and compares with affiliate performance in other emerging markets like Africa and Latin America. Based on our statistical findings and more detailed conversations, each of those markets is attracting cautious optimism on the part of affiliates.

TG: Is it surprising that the social media of choice for many affiliates is still Facebook? 

SWG: While it’s not surprising that Facebook finished in the top spot with 79% of respondents favouring this channel, the survey indicated a high use of Twitter among 66% of total respondents. That trend held true for promotional focuses, where results show that just as many affiliates use Twitter accounts with trackable links as Facebook accounts with trackable links. This is consistent with the global trend that Facebook remains the world’s most widely-used social networking site with 2.2 billion active monthly users and that instills a certain level of familiarity.

Something else worth watching over the next year will be whether Instagram and Snapchat can increase in popularity amongst affiliates.

TG: Can you reveal some of the other key findings from the survey? 

SWG: Other key takeaways relate to the strength of mobile as well as the most valuable marketing activities for clients.

Mobile is already considered by many within the industry as a must-have, but that point is really driven home by the 86% of respondents who say they currently have a mobile site. Further emphasising the importance of mobile is the 39% of affiliates with more than 50% of their traffic arriving from mobile devices.

With 38% of affiliates selecting an evolving SEO strategy as their most valuable marketing activity, our main takeaway is that affiliates are both mindful and responsive to the competitive nature of the industry and the importance of constant improvement. Website redesign (25%) and a revamped content marketing strategy (21%) were the next two choices and further highlight a dedication to enhanced features.


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