QT Play to be “first cross-provider recommendation mobile app”

QT Play to be “first cross-provider recommendation mobile app”

Thursday, February 8, 2018 Posted by Craig Davies
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QTech launch app targeted for the gaming industry

Utilising similar technology to digital giants Amazon, Netflix and Spotify, Asian games distributor QTech has recently detailed the launch of an “industry first” recommendation engine, named QT Play.

Targeted specifically for the gaming industry, the cross provider recommendation mobile app runs off technology that allows QTech players to choose any game from any provider and switch between them at their convenience.

Users are also to be recommended games better aligned with their favourites, based on similarity of profile, content and playability, to enhance their experience.

Speaking about the new recommendation engine, and the necessity to develop new offerings in a saturated market, QTech’s CEO Jonas Alm told TotallyGaming.com: “With the breathless pace of game releases these days, it’s common for players to feel swamped in a sea of content.

“Our recommendation-engine app is founded on similar intuitive code and prediction logic to that of digital-content disruptors Netflix and Amazon. It distills users’ playing habits, highlighting their favourite games, and recommending others which will likely appeal for format, content and gameplay.

“While no choice is a bad thing, too much choice is seldom a good thing. And an overcrowded marketplace leads to confusion among both providers and players, who can respectively fail to connect with their audience or preferred games.

“At QTech, we’ve witnessed this issue emerge in Asia’s burgeoning gaming space. In short, the supply and demand are there. However, matching them up in the most effective manner is an increasing challenge.

“QT Play’s new automated-curation tools refine the player-data and gaming features in order to quickly recognise and rank players’ favourites, or promote a new release that will interest them.”

Regarding the apps future development, Alm added: “While QT Play’s curation software remains state-of-the-art, the future of AI systems and machine-learning ultimately hinges on algorithms which can improve their own code.

“Accordingly, the more data QT Play collates, the better and more insightful it becomes. And the more users it attracts, the better it caters for individual taste. So if QT Play’s escalating adoption-rate continues apace, there’s no reason why this app can’t do for gaming what Spotify did for music.”

Totally Gaming says: Developing and enhancing in a very busy space is essential for companies working in any sector, and with this new recommendation engine, that is exactly what QTech are aiming to do. Utilising technology similar to that of worldwide conglomerates could be a winning formula, and it will be interesting to note how punters take to QT Play.


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