PBS enhances retail experience with new BetTracker app

PBS enhances retail experience with new BetTracker app

Friday, March 3, 2017 Posted by Luke Massey
The BetTracker phone app is available on both Apple and Android

Playtech BGT Sports (PBS) has set about “enhancing the retail experience” by launching an innovative BetTracker product which enables customers to transfer sports bets to their mobile devices after placing them in-shop on a self-service betting terminal (SSBT).

BetTracker, which enables players to scan their ticket, watch their bets progress and even cash them out on the system, appeals to those who are reluctant to sign up for online accounts but still want to access some of the features available to online players.

John Pettit, PBS’s UK, Ireland and Australia Managing Director, told TotallyGaming.com: “This is all about enhancing the retail experience so that players who don’t have online accounts can enjoy the same features that online players are already accustomed to. There is still a significant segment of players who would rather not sign up for online accounts, but still want to be able to access features such as cash out.

“The collection of winnings does have to be completed in the shop, making this a product that will generate return business for the retail sector. It is also available to all bookmakers who have BGT terminals, whether that be a one shop sole trader or a 3,000+ shop PLC. The only caveat is that the customer must place the bet on the SSBT. They cannot transfer and track bets that have been placed over the counter via paper coupons.”

Totally Gaming says: BetTracker, which Pettit describes as “revolutionary”, is further evidence of PSB’s innovation in the retail space. It remains to be seen how some of the features, such as cash out, compare in functionality to leading bookmaker apps, but the product certainly brings more technology into the retail estate and should serve to heighten the experience for customers in betting shops across the country.


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