OtherLevels getting “as close to one click betting as we can”

OtherLevels getting “as close to one click betting as we can”

Monday, February 19, 2018 Posted by Craig Davies
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New in-play messaging service recently launched

Multi-channel messaging platform OtherLevels launched its new in-play messaging service at ICE London 2018, with an added level of personalisation, and crucially speed, designed to drive engagement and revenue for operators ahead of a huge year of sport.

Managing director Brendan O’Kane outlined his company’s vision to TotallyGaming.com, in addition to explaining how OtherLevels has got to this position: “We are a messaging platform first and foremost, we have a range of messaging types, including push messages on app and web which allows us to send messages through mobile and desktop browsers direct to device, so it works even when a user is not on site.

“Plus, we have a couple of, what we call, 100% opt in or none opt in message types, where we can actually target people without having to ask them permission.

“One is called interstitials, otherwise known as pop ups, where you can insert any kind of rich content such as video or imagery.

“The other one is rich inbox, which allows us to create a message centre on a website or in an app.

“We have been working with a variety of gambling companies for quite a while now, iGaming is our biggest industry and we work with operators including Ladbrokes, Betfred and GVC, and obviously sportsbook is big for a lot of those companies.    

“They came to us and said in-play is a really big thing, and what we want to do is focus on how we can increase engagement during in play periods in the in-play parts of our app.

“So at ICE we launched our in-play messaging product, where what we do is monitor the status of games.

“We are always monitoring the status of every football game - live, and we can react to things that happen in those games with messaging promoting the latest odds.”

Updating odds in real time and ensuring messages become available and updated depending on real time triggers, such as goals or sending offs, are central themes to this new offering.

With messages responding to triggers and being sent to a relevant audience, such as those who bet in-play on a regular basis or individuals with an affinity for certain sides, users have the communication delivered straight to their phones.

By allowing the audience to directly click and get taken straight through to a bet slip, OtherLevels tries “to get this completely automated and as close to one click betting as we can, but obviously there’s regulations and compliance, but this is going to be as close as we can really get it,” states O’Kane.

Adding: “What we are hoping to do with this is drive greater engagement in-play, and we are doing that by raising awareness of what is happening in the matches bettors might be interested in.

“And we are also looking to cross sell from those who only bet pre-play into people who are willing to bet in-play.”

Messages are monitored all the way through the process, from initial click to completed bet slip, providing detailed statistics and reporting on what messages have the biggest uplift on both revenue and engagement.

Through this, campaigns can be optimised and platforms fully utilised, but as O’Kane explains, one factor is a central theme throughout the process: “Speed is key, and we can get this message out with a minute or so, depending on the size of the audience.

“These messages are relevant, there’s live odds in there, and they have to be relevant when the customers receives it on their phone.

“When they open the bet slip the odds have to be the same, there’s no point getting a message ten minutes later when the game has moved on.”

With such an exciting year of sports, O’Kane outlines the huge opportunity across the long-tail of all matches the new messaging module presents. He concluded: “Throughout this year we are just going to be talking about more and more sports, and to me that is what’s exciting because right now you tend to think of in-play as just high profile Champions League or Premier League matches, but really it is the global sporting market.

“If you love NBA basketball, and we have seen that you are betting on that, we should really be notifying you with a call to action when basketball games are on, and a few hours before, and right now that doesn’t happen.

“Right now you just go to your phone and to the site, when you remember, so this represents a significant opportunity.”

Totally Gaming says: Speed is absolutely crucial across so many aspects of day to day life, and that doesn’t change when it comes to betting. By introducing a service that is so very close to one click betting, that is exactly what OtherLevels are attempting to achieve, with the possibility of a roll out to encompass many different sports across numerous markets a massive plus point.  


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