Operator talk: Why the customer, not operational concerns, must always come first

Operator talk: Why the customer, not operational concerns, must always come first

Tuesday, November 3, 2015 Totally Gaming
FSB's Richard Thorp believes that operators must develop a unique identity

Operators should focus on keeping their customers satisfied with a unique offering rather than back office administration concerns, according to Richard Thorp, business development director at FSB Technology

The platform provider has this week added BeanBagSports to the growing list of operators that use its sports betting services, with companies such as Genting, Dafabet and MyClubBetting.com among its partners. 

The new deal will see BeanBagSports design their own front end, while utilising FSB’s trading team, application programme interface (API) and UK gambling licence.

Thorp told TotallyGaming.com that the partnership of an operator’s unique public face with the solid backing of FSB’s technology, administration and experience is a winning combination.

“Operators are realising that they need to concentrate on the customer experience, marketing and customer relationship management (CRM),” Thorp said. “They are the priority when it comes to both acquisition and retention.

“They shouldn’t be concerned with huge trading teams or other burdening costs such as hardware servers, all of which we can look after and enable them to change their focus to growth.

“Our CRM tools can be tailored to individual customers rather than hitting the whole database with ineffective blanket offers. This saves a lot of wasted time and effort and is far more effective.

“For operators it is about keeping the costs low and service levels high. They can only do that if they know that the basics are very sound and the tools are in place to make the most of their existing customers and attract new ones.”

‎Jessica Sachs, head of BeanBagSports’ online and mobile business, said that the company was looking for a “tailored approach”, adding that it is “great to have control over the look and feel of our website through a functional set of APIs”.

Thorp believes that the retention of individuality is key for operators in an increasingly competitive market. 

He added: “We provide sports betting solutions as a fully-managed service or with aspects of that service outsourced to the operator. The latter approach is increasingly popular as both sportsbooks and their customers are getting tired of the out-of-a-box solutions that look like everyone else’s site and is hamstrung by legacy software.”

Thorp has been impressed by the approach of BeanBagSports, whose strategy is to deliver sports betting through social media and rolling news around sport.

“BeanBagSports are one of the new generation of operators who are looking to break the mould,” he said. “Our platform and its APIs has enabled them to do that. It’s also helped them to go with a mobile first approach – which we feel is the correct way these days.”


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