A new reality from BtoBet

A new reality from BtoBet

Thursday, January 26, 2017 Posted by Andy McCarron
A virtual assistant is just one of the advantages of AR development

Sabrina Solda, CMO at BtoBet, discusses the company's development into Augmented Reality (AR) and how it can help operators connnect on a deeper level with their customers.

Totally Gaming: What makes BtoBet’s AR unique?

Sabrina Solda: Analysing the market, we had a clear perception of the players’ needs: attention, enjoyable gaming/betting experience and interaction. With our highly qualified team of technology development, we have studied a solution able to meet all these needs. How? Combining our A.I. technology platform - giving operators a full players’ data control and management, real time - with a totally new AR solution providing players the most advanced and exciting gaming experience.

The augmented reality marketing tools allow operators to receive feedback on players’ behavior through the platform, give back what they need and directly drive users in the sportsbook and casino products.

Operators can decide how to employ the AR and which kind of or games/betting to activate through the AR while users can decide in a totally free way, any time, how to interact or accept any suggestion in AR environment.

BtoBet is the perfect integration between its gaming intelligence of the platform and the behavior of the player, in the total respect of security that the Gaming market imposes. It proposes AR marketing tools that can involve users cross-channel and satisfy each player at the ideal time.

TG: Why has BtoBet decided to embrace AR at this time?

SS: Augmented reality is one of the newer forms of strategies adopted by companies to delivering persuasive messages to a technological minded audience.

Examining the possibilities of AR in gaming, we decided to profit of the benefits of this tech. Analysis concerning the user’s experience involves four aspects: physical, emotional, social, and mental. Based on personalisation and involvement of the players, it adds a sense of excitement to the process which appeals to a greater number of customers. It includes also the opportunity for customers to share their personalised content with others, i.e. viral augmented reality marketing.

AR is a new way – more emotional, involving, and focused on the users’ preference - of getting the attention of player using the mobile App.

One of the key characteristics of AR interfaces is the ability to overlay virtual information on an outdoor environment, showing a great ability to merge normal outdoor games with computer games.

TG: So how do you make the most of this AR technology? How is it applied operationally?

SS: With Btobet’s Odds comparison, players can bet with the best odds scanning the logo, tapping on operator’s best odds while walking on the street, and decide to go directly in the nearest betting shop or to bet straight to the website online. Operators can choose the position for geo-localisation points while Btobet’s AI tool for odds comparison gives them an easy to-use interface which focuses on what is important for the player.

Bonus Hunting - With this game, players can navigate and walk around in the real environment and focus on tags to find bonuses, superimposed over the real world. In this way they can collect bonuses in an augmented environment. This game is tailored to the specific requirements of the sportsbook and casino operators and all the bonuses collected can be used directly online or push players to the related nearest shop, as regular ones that the brand offers. Licensees can customize the value, position, look, geo-location, and everything they need.

Virtual Assistant - It is an avatar that comes out of the AR, communicates to the player and can be transformed in a Tutorial virtual assistant, in an Interactive avatar or in a Push notification avatar. Players interact with her, listening to her suggestions generated from her knowledge of every single player’s preferences. In fact, the virtual assistant proposes events and bets using the Recommendation Engine that completely fits the interest of every single player or segment of players. Through the AR players receive offers that anticipate their desires and allows them to explore an extraordinary multidimensional gaming experience.

Knowing the single player’s preferences, Btobet’s Virtual Assistant can anticipate his desires, proposing events and bets, using the Recommendation Engine (Sportsbook and Casino-Games) that completely fits his interest.

By receiving interesting and personalized gaming/betting offers, the player feels himself special and tends to stay loyal to the brand, sharing his joyful experience with other players.

TG: Every brand is different though – can an operator change the way the assistant looks to complement its existing branding?

SS: Btobet’s Virtual Assistant can be totally personalised - her skin, her look, her voice, cloths -  and any company can obtain and create its own tailor made Avatar as

Tutorial Virtual assistant: she is employed as a guide for players via operator’s Sportsbook and Casino to discover aspects of the brand or the games that can attract the player’s attention.

Interactive Avatar: the virtual assistant can be use it for your marketing strategies and activities, as testimonial of the brand for new AR marketing opportunities in 3D.

Push notification Avatar: as testimonial of the brand, the virtual assistant interacts with the player, suggesting what he certainly likes more [thanks to the interaction between the platform and the game] and pushes him to play and play more.

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