Net Insight and SIS bring ultra low-latency solution to mobile betting market

Net Insight and SIS bring ultra low-latency solution to mobile betting market

Wednesday, April 12, 2017 Posted by James Walker
Per Lindgren: ‘We have really taken the technology to the next level’

Customers utilising the bet365 mobile app will have access to live sporting event footage that is even faster than traditional linear broadcasts, thanks to a new collaboration between the operator and the two leading technology firms.

Last week it was announced that Net Insight, a Stockholm-based provider of media transport and resource scheduling, has partnered with bet365 and SIS to solve the long and variable delay issues associated with live streaming of over-the-top (OTT) betting content.

As a first step, the parties have integrated Net Insight’s ultra-low delay solution, Sye, in the bet365 app and successfully demonstrated the low-delay performance across SIS’ betting content delivery network (CDN).

The joint effort will demonstrate a ‘holistic’ approach to meeting the challenges that currently exist for live OTT services in the betting market, the most critical of which being the variable streaming delay giving an unsynchronised experience between devices for the end-users.

The parties’ combined expertise fully covers the solution, with bet365 offering the application, SIS providing the betting CDN service, and Net Insight supplying the true live OTT streaming technology.

Discussing the collaboration in more detail, Per Lindgren, senior vice president of live OTT at Net Insight, told “People typically consume OTT content through streaming services such as Netflix or BBC iPlayer. However, in order to compensate for things like packet loss, traditional OTT services tend to create large buffers and caches, resulting in a lot of delays.

“This, of course, doesn’t really affect people who are watching on-demand content, but it creates a problem for when viewing live events such as sports. For example, if you log on to iPlayer and try to watch the same content on your linear broadcast TV, it typically has delays of 30, 40 or sometimes 60 seconds, accumulating over time.

“For something like a football match, after the first half the OTT content could be up to two minutes behind traditional broadcasts. This results in a ‘spoiler effect’, particularly as more and more people are using second screens for social engagement.”

Lindgren added: “If you take these latency issues and relate them to betting, it becomes even more problematic. The sector is moving increasingly to online  mobile betting, and we also see a trend of increasing demand for in-play betting, where minimal delays are crucial for the experience.

“Those within the betting industry have previously tried to make their own proprietary solutions, but have not been able to overcome the latency issue in mobile devices. We have really taken the technology to the next level, and content on the bet365 app is now delivered faster than if you were to watch it on a traditional broadcast on your television screen.”

Totally Gaming says: Consumers are usually unaware of the delays traditionally associated with streamed content, but latency issues can have huge implications for the betting sector. This new collaboration between Net Insight, SIS and bet365 marks a step-change for the industry, as sports fans can now access content that is as close to live events as possible.


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