Mobile the ideal channel for sports betting

Mobile the ideal channel for sports betting

Thursday, June 2, 2016 Posted by Andy McCarron
Dr. Mark Griffiths believes that betting is compelling offer via smartphone

Sports betting has been hailed as the future of mobile gambling by a leading psychologist. Dr. Mark Griffiths a Chartered Psychologist and Director of the International Gaming Research Unit in the Psychology Division at Nottingham Trent University, has suggested that sports betting’s more functional relationship with end users is more suited to the mobile platform than the other gambling sectors that have more onus on them to entertain.

Writing for Psychology Today, Griffiths explained: “Intuitively, mobile phone gambling is best suited for sports and event betting. With mobile phone betting, all that is required is real-time access to data about the event to be bet on (e.g., a horse race, a soccer match, a tennis match), and the ability to make a bet in a timely fashion.”

However he highlighted that the placing of the bet is not the driving motivation in event wagering: “Since being the spectator is what sports fans are really interested in, the sports gambler does not need fulfillment from the process of gambling. People betting on sports will use smartphones because they are easy, convenient and take no time to boot up. Once they have their sports book registered as a bookmark on their phone, they can access it and place a bet within a very short space of time.”

Griffiths said that initially it was thought that lottery gambling would make most money for mobile gambling operators because governments are ‘generally less censorious’ about lotteries than other forms of gambling. They are also easy to play and relatively low cost compared to other types of gambling. But he says that the demographic of early technology adopters means that may not be the case.

He explained: “To some extent, the majority of gamblers are risk-takers to begin with. Therefore, they may be less cautious with new forms of technology. For every day gamblers, smartphones are ideal for bet placing, and gamblers will be able to check on their bets, and place new ones.

“Furthermore, it is anonymous, and can provide immediate gratification, anytime, anywhere. Anonymity and secrecy may be potential benefits of mobile gambling as for a lot of people there is still stigma attached to gambling in places like betting shops and casinos.”

Griffiths suggested that a person’s mobile activity could be shared among services in the long run. For example a ticket to a sporting event bought via app could then communicate this to a betting service who could then provide context appropriate opportunities for the event.

He explained: “If in that match the referee gives a penalty for one team, a person’s mobile could ring and give the user an opportunity (on screen) to bet whether or not the penalty will be scored. On this type of service, the mobile phone user will only have to decide if they want to bet, and if they do, the amount of money. Two clicks and the bet will be placed. Context, timeliness, simplicity, and above all user involvement look like enough to convince also people that never entered a bet-shop.”

Totally Gaming Says: "While market research suggests that mobile phone revenues from mobile gambling and gaming is increasingly rapidly, indeed at some bookmakers the mobile channel is already the main bread winner, it is estimated that less than 5% of mobile industry revenue overall is generated by gambling. Given that the gambling sector is one of the most progressive in this area, it is a challenge for the industry to grow this figure. "


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