Interview: Quality not quantity will drive gaming in 2016

Interview: Quality not quantity will drive gaming in 2016

Wednesday, November 18, 2015 Totally Gaming
Geco Gaming's Mark Paling believes that customers continually demand higher standards

Mark Paling, chief executive of platform and software developer Geco Gaming, tells about the key trends affecting content creation in the coming year What will be the key developments and trends in 2016?

Mark Paling: With the mass of gaming content already in the marketplace or already in the pipeline it is clear that simply releasing a standard game of reasonable quality isn't likely to drive the revenues for the operators, the games developers or indeed excite the players out there.

We see a clear picture emerging where the demand and focus will be on less new games being developed but that content will be to a much higher standard than has previously been delivered. New benchmarks in graphics, audio and longevity of game playability will take the player on a more exciting game play journey.

TG: What would you like to see more of?

MP: Flash is dead or dying and being replaced on both mobile and desktop by HTML5, which offers a consistent and much better player experience. Some operators are still struggling to launch HTML5 content for desktop due to their existing Flash sites and therefore they either have to rely on game developers creating a Flash and HTML5 version of the game (becoming rarer) or just accepting that some content will only be available on mobile to their players.

Although work is happening from the operators to enable this, we can all see the benefits in making new game launches to players available on whatever media they choose to play it on and therefore we would like to think that 2016 will enable more of this.

TG: What advice would you give to developers if they are to be successful?

MP: Consider the quality of the product offering to ensure that it is not 'just another' game but something that stands out to the players and operators alike. Newer game developers also need to consider and better understand the costs and processes of compliance better to ensure that when the game is complete that they can distribute their offering to a wider cross jurisdictional market as possible. GECO obviously help to make this a viable reality.

TG: What does Geco offer developers that others don’t?

MP: GECO is a game developer as well as a platform and therefore we understand the issues that developers face and therefore want to work with our partners to achieve the most efficient route to market for them possible. Cliched though it is, if we work ‘together’ and face the same challenges everyone wins - the game developer, the gaming platform, the operator and, most importantly, the player who ultimately gets to enjoy more of these great games.


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