Interview: Metric chief on why multiple bet system is a "win-win"

Interview: Metric chief on why multiple bet system is a "win-win"

Thursday, October 15, 2015 Totally Gaming
Peter Bertilsson said that Bet The Board works for both operator and customer

Innovative software developer Metric Gaming has created Bet The Board, a new system which allows punters to cap their losses on multiple bets. Chief executive and president Peter Bertilsson tells why a platform that sounds weighted in favour of the bettor, can actually create increased turnover for the operator… Could you tell us more about Bet The Board?
Peter Bertilsson:
 Bet the Board (patent pending) is Metric Gaming’s innovative wagering product that lets punters stretch their bankrolls while minimising risk. It effectively lets bettors wager more than they are willing to spend - without extending any credit - by strictly capping losses at a designated risk limit but still allowing bettors to keep all of their winnings. The result is a low-risk, high-reward proposition that maximises entertainment value for the punter while enhancing turnover and house margins.

TG: Why do you feel it will be popular for players and operators?

Peter Bertilsson: It's truly a win-win. Punters are getting more excitement for their money, while operators are getting more turnover, and therefore a greater theoretical advantage. The beauty of the innovation lies in that paradox, which arises from a recognition that the player and operator are not truly opposed, and there is in fact much common ground between them when factoring in the sheer entertainment value that the operator provides its customers.

TG: What would you say to operators that might be concerned that they are more exposed than the customers that can select a maximum loss?

Peter Bertilsson: Though we naturally keep them closely guarded, the algorithms and analytics that power this product are ultimately irrefutable. The operator will always have a theoretical edge - and one that is oftentimes even greater than what they enjoy with conventional wagering - which we can demonstrate both conceptually and via simulations.

TG: How is the roll-out of Bet The Board proceeding?

Peter Bertilsson: The product is still in development stage, but there has been no shortage of interest from existing and potential customers. We are confident that this product will enhance player engagement and retention levels while also proving to be a powerful marketing tool for our customers, so we are very excited to roll it out in the near term.


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