Interview: ActiveWins aims to avoid wasted clicks

Interview: ActiveWins aims to avoid wasted clicks

Tuesday, June 30, 2015 Totally Gaming
Warren Jacobs says that expertise in gaming regulation is essential

Implementing a successful digital marketing strategy is essential for any company, but the gaming industry has its own intricacies. Here, Warren Jacobs, managing director of online marketing company ActiveWins, which has deals with Betfred, Prospect Hall and Totesport, tells how an operator can improve their digital reach…

TotallyGaming: What do you believe are the key factors in a successful digital marketing strategy?

Warren Jacobs: Without an omni-channel strategy, a brand won’t survive in today’s digital economy. One of the most profound changes in decades is the rise of mobile. These mini-computers revolutionised our day to day lives, and we’ve only just scratched the surface on how to market via mobile.

Social media has had such an impact that it’s how people choose to communicate with each other. Platforms like Snapchat and Instagram are valued in the billions. These channels simply can’t be ignored by advertisers.

In the near future, wearables and The Internet of Things are poised to shake things up in ways we’ve never seen before.

TotallyGaming: Are there any factors that make digital marketing in the gambling industry different to other sectors?

Warren Jacobs: As a highly-regulated sector, e-gaming presents its own set of challenges. A brand could easily run afoul of governing gaming authorities if they aren’t careful. With ever-changing algorithms, frequent regulatory changes and increasingly complex targeting options, the digital landscape can be a minefield.

Another differentiating factor in gaming is the high player values - the average cost per click is in excess of £50 (€70/$78). Brands need to fully optimise campaigns or risk burning through budgets on wasted clicks. 

TotallyGaming: Could you tell us more about ActiveWins?

Warren Jacobs: The ActiveWins program was created to provide innovative marketing tools to improve digital conversion for our affiliate partners. It is managed by a team of digital marketing experts whose sole priority is to drive results.

It would be difficult for an emerging brand to compete with the top bookmakers in the UK. ActiveWins levels the playing field for our partners by acting as an extension of their marketing team. To strengthen the partnership, we also work on a shared revenue model. It’s a win/win.

TotallyGaming: Why did you decide to focus on the gambling industry?

Warren Jacobs: There is no question that gaming is a growth industry and it can be lucrative if you approach it with the right strategy. Our methodology is quite intricate and analytical. ActiveWins employs people who live and breathe digital. It’s this depth of passion and expertise that allows us to thrive in such a competitive industry.

TotallyGaming: How do you seek to differentiate ActiveWins from your competition?

Warren Jacobs: It is our outstanding level of service, I would have to say. A campaign manager recommends a bespoke online marketing strategy to maximise each affiliate’s earning potential. We understand how crucial it is to generate incremental value and are committed to delivering results for affiliates and our gaming partners.

Unlike many of the big affiliate programs who cater to all industries, our focus on gaming gives us a level of expertise that can’t be found anywhere else. Couple that with our performance-based model and it’s an easy decision to make.


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