ICE: Use NPS to determine top executive pay, social casino chief says

ICE: Use NPS to determine top executive pay, social casino chief says

Wednesday, February 4, 2015 Totally Gaming

Net Promoter Score (NPS) measurements should be used to underpin the cultures of gaming companies, according to Vicenç Martí, the chief executive of social casino business Akamon.

Martí, speaking at the Data Insight and Business Intelligence conference at ICE Totally Gaming, outlined how his company had seized a grip of the Latin American market by taking advantage of a “lack of innovation” from the real-money gaming companies in the social casino sector.

He added that NPS measurements – for customers as well as staff – is the best approach to maximising satisfaction without and outside the company, leading to better player and employee retention.

“The best companies work with NPS, like Apple, for example,” he said.

“The surprising thing about this industry is that it is not built on quality. Even the biggest operators, which have phenomenal teams on issues such as regulation, do not use NPS measurements.

“However, you should use NPS with your customers and your employees. By doing this you can zoom in on your most valuable customers.”

Martí explained that although 95 per cent of his company’s customers play games for free, of the five per cent that use virtual currencies, some – known as whales – spend at least $100 per month, while ‘superwhales’ spend at least $1,000 per month.

Akamon is growing at a rate of five per cent every month in an industry worth $4bn, with his company having caught a “tailwind” in an industry that is not widely regulated.

“Our total focus every day is on how these players go from freemium to whales to superwhales,” he added.

“We do everything we can to understand them and understand what they like.”

Martí even went as far as to say that the salaries of top management at gaming companies should fluctuate according to NPS scores.

 “The success of your company depends on how you treat customers and employees,” he said.

“If NPS is linked to management pay, then people will care about it.”


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