How SofaScore is informing the modern football punter

How SofaScore is informing the modern football punter

Tuesday, October 24, 2017 Posted by Joseph Streeter
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SofaScore offers fans a more informed perspective on football
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As a betting product football has evolved immensely, the growth of markets available on the sport has led to a ‘revolution’ in the way it is consumed by both punters and fans.

The expansion of data that is now readily available to betting operators and fans, has not only aided the innovation and expansion of football betting markets, but it has also led to fans wanting to be informed by a wealth of statistics and research before they place a bet.

The modernisation of products that fans use to immerse themselves in the sport of football is an inevitable byproduct of the extensive levels of data that are now freely accessible, it has created a market and led to the rise of new football application, SofaScore.

SofaScore offers fans a more informed perspective on football, allowing bettors to place a researched bet on the game, using opta statistics to calculate a rating for each player, and inform the consumer about specific individual statistics for each player.

SofaScore co-founder Zlatko Hrkac told “We're focused on creating a top product, an app that is more than just live scores, thus, we work with the best. Opta Sports is the main authority when it comes down to breaking down football matches in numbers. We have Opta feeds for more than 60 football leagues and tournaments, but it is important to understand that these are just raw numbers.

“We have to take these numbers and make something out of them, like SofaScore player ratings, attack momentum, heat maps, etc... Our team is comprised of dedicated football/sports enthusiasts who leave no room for error. Before launching a new feature we always test it inside the company, and then through our beta group. Some features in the end prove more valuable to users, some less, but they all find their fans.”

Totally Gaming says: Product innovation in football and football betting is of the utmost importance, the growth of football betting markets is only likely to increase as the  world cup approaches. SofaScores reaches a vital market that desperately seeks accessibility to information regarding any possible subject that can be bet on within a 90 minute football match.


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