How the growth of mobile betting has increased the need for affiliate translations

How the growth of mobile betting has increased the need for affiliate translations

Tuesday, March 27, 2018 Posted by Joseph Streeter
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Accurately translated content helps affiliates become further trusted

In the modern mobile climate, a key factor in allowing affiliates of all sizes to create high quality content that reasonates with a global audience is the utilisation of translation tools.

Furthermore, the globalisation of sports betting has served to increase the need for translation, expanding affiliates into new markets that are heavily focused on mobile betting and content. Additionally, the need for well translated mobile content is further elevated by the upcoming World Cup, which is anticipated to be the most mobile based tournament in history.

Detailing how much the growth of mobile betting and content has increased the need for translatable content for affiliates, Andrew Morgan of Independent Content Services told “More people now have access to the internet and mobile is the main driver, particularly in high-growth markets such as Africa and LatAm. In many African states, over half of the population is under-25 and it is this group that affiliates need to target.

“As betting becomes regulated in more and more territories, there are more opportunities opening up. With most people accessing the internet through mobile devices, it is clear that this must be the focus over desktop.

"However, with the cellular infrastructure poorer in Africa and LatAm than in Europe, the content created must be tailored accordingly. This means shorter articles and fewer elements of rich media due to associated bandwidth issues.”

Totally Gaming says: As the affiliate market grows, the necessity for accurate translation for affiliates of all sizes becomes even greater. Additionally, trust is a key issue for affiliates and with the World Cup on the horizon, there is no doubt that the need for affiliates to use the correct terminology and language will only grow, in order to ensure that the message and sentiment is not lost in translation.


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