How Fantasy Football is evolving as a mobile product

How Fantasy Football is evolving as a mobile product

Wednesday, November 1, 2017 Posted by Joseph Streeter
The instant gratification that is desired from millennials meant that DFS had to adapt

As the Co-Founder of Premier Punt, a real money daily fantasy sports operator, John Gordon underlined how important it was for his company to operate a mobile focused product and to satisfy the instant gratification desired by millennials.

In April 2017, Premier Punt was awarded a license from the UK Gambling Commission to launch and integrate a new sportsbook offering tailored bets for fantasy sports customers. Gordon also spoke of how the move to mobile is also aiding the growth of its sportsbook offering. 

Gordon told “It’s almost a rarity for someone not to have a smart-phone these days and it’s an increasingly common sight seeing people with their faces glued to their phones. Millennials like to have instant gratification so when they are on the go smart-phones allow them to do this easily and conveniently.

“This is why we condensed fantasy football from an 11-a-side season long game into a single match 6-a-side game. The former would not have translated well onto an app as there would be too many stats to fit on a small screen and app users would struggle to compete/win against desktop users who had spent hours studying the numbers to perfect their team. The 6-a-side game is perfect for the app as users can select a line-up in a matter of seconds.”

Gordon went onto emphasise just how symbolic the new 6 a side game is for what millennials want, pointing out that it replaced the 11 a side desktop fantasy game because young people don’t want to log onto desktops and instead would rather play via mobile, where stats and data for 11 players simply wouldn’t fit.  

Totally Gaming says: The fact that Premier Punt continues to thrive on a mobile platform bodes well for the operator's future, as it’s hard to disagree with company’s co-founder that mobile is very much where the future lies. Furthermore, the idea that fantasy sports is adapting to attract millennials by becoming a mobile based product, indicates that it can evolve as a betting product and enjoy a strong future.


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