Gamification of betting the key to engaging mobile users

Gamification of betting the key to engaging mobile users

Wednesday, July 20, 2016 Posted by Andy McCarron
Michael Dunphy believes that bookmakers can embrace gamification

Mobile users are more likely to engage with a product if there is an element of gamification, according to Michael Dunphy, mobile product manager at betting industry supplier SIS.

Earlier this week SIS signed a deal with innovative technology group Data Gains to improve data capture from online users and offer them a more compelling experience, something Dunphy believes will be particularly effective for the industry’s mobile customers.

He explained: “Industry research has shown that online gamification plays an essential part of an overall experience with effectively engages with mobile customers. The mobile generation are far more used to gamification and social sharing, from the games and apps they use on a daily basis.”

Dunphy said that bookmakers can embrace gamification to make their betting products less functional and more entertaining.

“Using classic elements of gamfication, such as rewards, points and prizes, customers can have a more entertaining experience all-round on bookmakers’ sites. They can be rewarded for a whole host of different activities, which can help increase positive engagement between bookie and player, even when a bet has been lost. With SIS and Data Gains’ deal, bookmakers can now access this capability quickly and easily, thanks to the versatile, modular platform that has already been built to support the partnership.”

The initial relationship between SIS and Data Gains focused on a score predictor service with Premier League football club Everton, and bookmaker Coral for Euro 2016, which boasted an impressive user conversation rate of 36%. However Dunphy said the scope was wide for future products.

“Pretty much anything that can be tracked can be gamified in some way, whether it’s through accessing content, advertising, downloading apps or making purchases. SIS and Data Gains will enable to tailor their products and distribution to customers, enabling them to add prizes and rewards for any functions that they’re looking to encourage their fans, players and users to do.”

The deal gives SIS exclusive distribution rights for Data Gains services to the betting and gaming industry, with flagship products such as website widgets and gamification and browser platforms that enable bookmakers, football clubs and fans to make the most of their online presence through shopping rewards and prizes.

SIS and Data Gains customers will benefit from targeted and in-depth data capture, meaning they will be able to better understand users of the products and in turn tailor their offering to operators.

Dunphy added: “The Data Gains announcement is part of SIS’ wider diversification strategy which is ensuring that we stay at the leading edge of the betting and gaming industry and cater to all bookmakers, from independents up to major brands, and across retail and online.

“Over the past few months, SIS has developed a whole host of products to support the strategy including SIS Stream, the low latency distribution platform, Virtuals Connect, our web-based virtuals product and Infinite Gaming, SIS’ trail-blazing suite of on demand virtual games.”

Totally Gaming Says: Whoever successfully gamifies the rather functional betting interface will be onto a winner, especially with mobile users. While it’s important not to detract from the event people are betting on, offering an complementary layer of entertainment will do wonders for customer retention. 


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