Full sportsbook offering can eliminate integration issues

Full sportsbook offering can eliminate integration issues

Friday, October 2, 2015 Totally Gaming
Metric Gaming's Peter Bertilsson said that the deal will mean an improved service

Metric Gaming chief executive Peter Bertilsson said the company will now offer an improved and full service to clients after signing a deal to offer Sporting Solutions' sportsbook.

The online and mobile service provider will now make Sporting Solutions' complete sports betting platform available to customers, while allowing its own products, such as pricing suite SuperLive, to be used by the white-label provider.  

Metric has been left frustrated by problems in integrating its products with other platforms, and Bertilsson told TotallyGaming.com that only through the provision of a full service could it be sure of resolving such issues.

“Until now, Metric has been a niche provider in the sports betting industry,” Bertilsson said. “While sales of our SuperLive and other wagering innovations have fortunately exceeded expectations, we have consistently encountered integration hurdles, both in terms of securing priority on our customers' integration queues, as well as resolving technological compatibility issues with our customers' legacy systems.

“Recognising the need to change tack, Metric has addressed these challenges on both fronts. To improve integration times, we are now delivering our SuperLive and other unique pricing feeds via a simple feed-out service, which allows for a streamlined integration process that virtually eliminates compatibility issues.

“As for those customers who wish to have a more robust, hosted solution, we decided our best course was to avoid trying to meld our platform with customers' existing technology, and instead simply provide the entire technology platform ourselves.

“We see this is a major breakthrough for our company, and we are looking forward to the opportunities we expect it bring.”
Bertilsson added that while Metric still has ambitions to create its own sportsbook – as he previously told TotallyGaming.com - the deal with Sporting Solutions will allow it to continue its expansion without delay.

“In short, we do have plans to create our own in-house sportsbook,” Bertilsson said. “While we are likely to pursue additional third-party deals to fortify our offering and its optionality, we are now in a position to deliver a fully functional and highly competitive sportsbook platform, already tailor-made to handle SuperLive - which we consider to be the most technologically challenging sports wagering markets available today.

“Of course, to be the sole sports betting platform provider for an operator means populating that platform with a full sportsbook offering - an undertaking that would take time to build up in-house.

“Rather than delay, Metric has elected to partner with Sporting Solutions, which has the infrastructure to quickly and effectively provide us additional pricing content required to fill out our platform and meet our customers' needs.”


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