A Fresh perspective on digital advertising

A Fresh perspective on digital advertising

Thursday, January 12, 2017 Posted by Scott Longley
Fresh8 deal with BetVictor promises personalisation push

Stories in the media world in recent weeks have focused on funding for adtech being under pressure as internet behemoths Google and Facebook hoover up all the growth in the digital advertising space.

But news in late December that gambling-focused adtech specialist Fresh8 had signed a deal with BetVictor to provide real-time marketing services shows that in the gambling sector at least rumours of adtech’s demise are very much premature.

The deal will see Fresh8’s platform provide real-time personalised ads that will direct sports fans visiting news and information portals to the relevant and tailored BetVictor offering.

Sarah McChesney, commercial manager at Fresh8, told TotallyGaming.com that the deal with BetVictor was a huge vote of confidence in the Fresh8 proposition. “We’re delighted with the BetVictor partnership, they’re a hugely progressive operator who are making big strides with their digital marketing approach and we’re looking forward to playing a big part in that journey.

“There’s an exciting roadmap underway for us during 2017 which will see that partnership grow over the next few months across all marketing channels,” she added.

Personalisation is one of the hottest topics around in the gambling sector right now, particularly when it comes to sports-betting. Marketing spend is increasingly being aimed at ensuring the customer sees the offering they want when they want it and Fresh8 delivers that when it comes to digital advertising.

“We’re building and delivering a quality ad product which ensures betting customers are seeing an advert that adds value to their editorial and betting experience,” says McChesney. “We’re breaking the trend of sticking a free-bet banner in front of every customer and are instead showing them a targeted bet that means something to them and what they’re reading. If the content of an advert is relevant, fears over ad blocking should be alleviated and operators will be winning on both an acquisition and retention front.”

Given the current debate surrounding bonuses and free bets, particularly in light of the UK Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) enquiry into misleading terms and conditions in gambling advertising, Fresh8 appears to be delivering a timely message.

 “I think what we’re delivering already for a consumer has brought gambling advertising out of the dark ages,” McChesney suggests. “The next stage of personalisation as I mentioned before, to truly self-learn what bets a user should be seeing without any human intervention will, we hope, satisfy 99.9 percent of all consumer demands.

“There’s plenty of interesting sports editorial out there and as long as the Fresh8 product sits alongside that, we believe there’s plenty of betting content in place already to entice consumers.”

 As well as the CMA, the UK Gambling Commission will also likely be interested in what Fresh8’s technology can deliver having previously challenged operators to bring as much enthusiasm in terms of utilising data to their social responsibility obligations as to their marketing.
McChesney agrees that the industry should take heed and look at how technology can improve its image when it comes to marketing. “The industry has been too reliant on spamming users with irrelevant content based around very blunt promotions,” he says, adding that Fresh8 enables users to see something relevant to their experience and add extra value.

“We show softer content to new users, and more betting style content to existing customers. Fresh8 helps inform the customer about betting products which makes for a more educated betting experience which translates into more enjoyment for the user, more customer loyalty, and therefore longer lifetime value for the operator.”

Totally Gaming says: We can expect to see more such deals with regard to advertising this year. In a market controlled by Google and Facebook – and bearing in mind the limitation such a duopoly poses – the need to stand out with digital marketing and truly engage with the customer is all the more important.


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