DynamicMail acquisition to “hyper-personalise” Optimove emails

DynamicMail acquisition to “hyper-personalise” Optimove emails

Wednesday, May 23, 2018 Posted by Luke Massey
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Customers to receive emails with highest relevancy at the time of opening

The acquisition of DynamicMail has strengthened Optimove’s ability to “hyper-personalise” emails to around 500 million consumers across the UK and Europe.

Optimove hopes that acquiring Dynamic Mail from PowerInbox will help its customers to achieve higher relevance and response rates when communicating via email, described in the Optimove blog as the “respectable gent” of the group that doesn’t always enjoy the type of personalisation and interaction available on other digital marketing channels.

Last year, the 300 brands that use Optimove’s marketing hub, comprising around 500 million consumers in the UK and Europe, sent over 3 billion personalised emails to their customers.

However, with PowerInbox’s dynamic email technology, they will now be able to create dynamic content which changes in real-time to be most relevant at the time of opening.

For example, the technology excludes products that are not currently in stock, creates product recommendations specific to weather conditions at the reader’s current location, and enables engaging email components such as video, countdown timers, store locators and carousels.

Pini Yakuel, CEO and Co-Founder of Optimove, told TotallyGaming.com: "Our vision at Optimove is to empower operators to exhibit emotional intelligence in their marketing communications.

“The acquisition of DynamicMail from PowerInbox is yet another significant step towards realizing this vision. The acquisition strengthens Optimove’s ability to hyper-personalize email to achieve higher relevance and response rates when communicating via this channel.

"Email is one of the most efficient relationship marketing channels. Through the DynamicMail acquisition, Optimove’s clients have gained an enhancement that will make email marketing an even more efficient channel to communicate with existing customers and maximize their value, by serving highly relevant and engaging emails."

Totally Gaming says: New and existing Optimove users will have access to PowerInbox features, developed by DynamicMail to automatically transform static email HTMLs into dynamic and interactive content with the highest relevancy at the time of opening. The company hopes that the AI-powered solution will help them to build more emotional relationships with their customers.


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