Career Profile: Michael Brady, Founder, Bede Gaming

Career Profile: Michael Brady, Founder, Bede Gaming

Thursday, March 26, 2015 Totally Gaming

Michael Brady set up Bede Gaming, a supplier of software to the online gambling and social gaming industries, in 2012 after holding senior positions at Partygaming and Cashcade. He told about the 'Wild West' of the dotcom boom and where he wants Bede Gaming to be heading in the future.


Name: Michael Brady

Position: Commercial Director and Founder of Bede Gaming

Education: University of Birmingham: Law with French

Experience: Bede Gaming, chief executive (2012-15); Partygaming, commercial director, bingo (2009-12); Business Betting, managing director/founder (2003-09); Cashcade, business development (2000-03)


Insight: How did you become involved in the iGaming sector?

Michael Brady: “Heaven only knows! I left university with a good law degree and flirted with the idea of becoming a lawyer for all of five minutes, but I had a desire to enter into business. The dotcom boom was just about sustaining itself, although the pips were squeaking.

“I was keen to move to London and saw an advert for a three-month-old start-up called Cashcade Ltd. The advert was entitled, and that was exactly what I had in mind.” What was it like to work in what was a fledgling industry back in 2000?

MB: “It’s more professional now than it was back then. It was a bit ‘Wild West’ in 2000. Having said that, many of the same characters from those days are still playing powerful roles in shaping where online gaming goes next.

“Looking at it from a macro level, I think the industry is going through a significant period of disruption. You have a lot of incumbent dominant players whose position at the top looks like it’s going to slip, mainly because their tech is outdated, and perhaps because they haven’t treated their customers as well as they could have.

“Beyond that, I think it’s still as innovative as it’s ever been. I think there is still a lot happening. It doesn’t seem to become stagnant as it gets older - if anything the opposite is true.” Having worked in senior roles for some huge companies, what was the major appeal, and also main concerns, about going alone to launch Bede Gaming in 2012?

MB: “I believed in the business model. I believed there was an opportunity to come in and become a genuine competitor to the big boys in platform provision. The market was dominated by crumbling technology and a lack of service-orientation. This presented a great opportunity to offer a different way of working.

“What we have here, with Bede, feels very fresh and vibrant, and it’s all about innovation. We’re all motivated by a desire to build a genuine British business.” How would you reflect on Bede Gaming’s life so far?

MB: “Growing a company this quickly is a big challenge. Finding and recruiting talent can be hard but we’ve invested lots of time and effort in our people. A tech company is defined by its developers, and we’ve worked very hard at Bede to create a culture that is attractive to developers.

“We haven’t had any difficulty getting clients interested in our business; if anything we’re inundated with opportunities. We recently did a deal with Rank, which is the most significant thing that Bede has done so far. We were up against the biggest platform providers in gaming and, while we’re not hubristic enough to feel that we’re in their league yet, we know that our technology is superior.” Bede Gaming is located in Newcastle, nearly 300 miles north of London. Why was that decision taken and does it have any impact on the business?

MB: “Newcastle’s a great city and it’s a good place to work. I guess that there are fewer options in the North East if you’re in technology, which means that if you create the right environment you get very loyal and dedicated staff. We’re proud that we employ a lot of people in a region where private sector employment is very low.”


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