BtoBet helps industry discover how to harness augmented reality

BtoBet helps industry discover how to harness augmented reality

Thursday, February 16, 2017 Posted by Andy McCarron
CEO Kostandina Zafirovska launched several AR tools at ICE 2017

BtoBet has followed up its impressive showcase of Augmented Reality tools at ICE this month by launching a new report highlighting the possibilities for the technology in the gambling industry.

The supplier argues that Mobile Augmented Reality games – such as Niantic’s Pokemon GO – gave the start to a new concept of gameplay in mobile gaming and made people become familiar with this novel concept.

Given that gambling has a reputation of pushing ahead with technological change in order to communicate with its customer base, BtoBet has been pushing back the boundaries of how the industry can best utilise the tools at its disposal.

The report highlights the fact that people connect with brands when they evoke certain areas of their psyche, with BtoBet suggesting that the use of Artificial Reality can trigger Physical, Emotional, Social, and Mental responses.

To find out more – download the report "HOW AUGMENTED REALITY CAN TRANSFORM THE GAMBLING INDUSTRY” here. 

Underlying the company’s place at the forefront of this development, new CEO Kostandina Zafirovska spoke on the panel “The Future of Trading: innovation at the Door”, during BetMarkets session of the ICE Vox Conference.

Commenting on the panel, Zafirovska highlighted: “We had the occasion to show the urgent need of innovation and the intelligent platform in the betting industry to manage risk and trade in an effective way, monitoring player behaviour and preventing fraud with immediacy.”

Zafirovska was also pleased at the response to the company’s innovations during ICE: “Enthusiastic attendees experienced trial runs of the Augmented Reality potential and took part in BtoBet’s Virtual Assistant S1mOne demonstration, participating in her show, interacting, taking pictures and having fun with her.

"Operators had the opportunity to see how BtoBet’s sophisticated technology can provide the perfect integration between the A.I. platform and the behaviour of the player, suggesting the best games and events at the ideal time to each player – through the Recommendation engine – and catch the trend of Augmented Reality to improve and speed up new marketing strategies, providing players with the most advanced and exciting gaming experience on the market.”

Apart from the groundbreaking virtual assistant, BtoBet has also developed odds comparison and bonus hunting applications using the AR technology. Download the app here.

The Odds comparison tools allows players to view the best odds on certain markets. Operators can choose the position for geo-localisation points – even outside the shops of competitors – while Btobet’s AI tool for odds comparison gives them an easy to-use interface which focuses on what is important for the player.

Meanwhile the Bonus Hunting game is perhaps more aligned with the phenomenally popular Pokemon Go! Game. Players can navigate and walk around in the real environment and focus on tags to find bonuses, superimposed over the real world. This bonuses can then be used online or in a shop environment.

To find out more about how augmented reality can transform the gambling industry – download BtoBet’s report here


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