App Development Showdown: Pocket Games Soft on HTML5 Vs Native Apps

App Development Showdown: Pocket Games Soft on HTML5 Vs Native Apps

Thursday, January 26, 2017 Posted by Andy McCarron
Managing director Ken Zhang has some advice for mobile operators

The development of the much more flexible HTML5 language has opened up a lot more possibilities on the development of mobile gaming products, especially with such a diverse range of handsets on the market.

However, despite predictions to the contrary, HTML5 hasn’t replaced the native app – far from it. Apps are an ever greater thriving part of the mobile device ecosystem. However it does leave game developers with a bit of a quandary when launching a new project - HTML5 or Native App - which way to go?

Mobile game developer Pocket Games Soft has expertise in both areas but has a clear view. The firm’s managing director Ken Zhang explained: “Right up front, I’ll offer some simple advice: For captivatingly rich graphics, gameplay dynamics and robust performance in online or offline mode, go Native. At Pocket Games Soft, we’re a huge advocate for Native app development.

“Hardcore gamers would probably resonate with me. Native App delivers remarkable aesthetics with amazing gameplay dynamics. None of the HTML5 games at the present stage have ever come close. Gaming experience is amplified with fast, streamlined API responses over a secured network - all of which can be challenging to replicate on HTML5.”

However, Zhang pointed out, the major drawback is that native app development to accommodate both iOS and Android takes time and would probably run into a higher production cost.

He added: “With the proliferation of mobile devices and software updates, it would have been quite daunting and tedious for us to catch up. So, HTML5 speeds up the processes. Albeit staggering performance on web browsers, HTML5 games offer a prelude to what we can offer without having to download the app. This lower barrier to entry could attract even more players.”

Totally Gaming says: Zhang is positive that his firm can stand above the competition. He said: “To be able to effectively deliver in dual (Native and HTML) platforms, Pocket Games Soft is at a stronger edge on our competitors.” Operators will have to come to their own conclusions though, and a visit to the company’s ICE stand N7-436 might help them do just that. 


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