ZEAL targets innovation with MassChallenge partnership

ZEAL targets innovation with MassChallenge partnership

Wednesday, November 30, 2016 Posted by Andy McCarron
Lottery firm looks outside the gambling industry for inspiration

ZEAL Investments, the innovation and research arm of B2C lottery supplier ZEAL Networks, has partnered with ‘seed stage’ accelerator program MassChallenge UK in a deal which aims to bring dynamic thinking to the multi-billion dollar lottery market.

Partnering with MassChallenge, ZEAL Investments will gain the opportunity to scout ‘early stage’ technologies in all sectors of UK business assessing the potential impact of services on the global lottery market. 

An eager James Oaks, director of ZEAL Investments, highlighted the potential benefits of the innovation led partnership. “With only 5% of the $250bn lottery market currently played online, there is a huge opportunity for the industry to fully digitise and become a relevant part of people's online and mobile lives,” Oaks commented. 

ZEAL and MassChallenge hosted their first ‘demo-day’ this October, which saw nine UK start-ups pitch and discuss early stage ventures and potential business propositions. 

Speaking to TotallyGaming.com about the event, ZEAL Investments head of strategy Christine Thoma stated: “We are extremely happy about our partnership with MassChallenge. Through attending various events and interactions with the startups, we have successfully raised our profile in the startup space.

"Moreover, we have facilitated two potential business partnerships between MassChallenge startups and companies from the ZEAL Network. We are confident that we will be making our first investment in a MassChallenge startup in the not too distant future."

Totally Gaming says: ZEAL Networks is not the first industry stakeholder to seek a strategic partnership for the purposes of innovation and product development. In recent years we have seen numerous operators create outside incubators and innovation programs, which to date have brought little to market. However, ZEAL Investments is right to seek outside thought and opinion on innovation for the global lottery sector, should its partnership with MassChallenge bring an effective product or service to market the partnership will have been worth the effort. 


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